Next-Gen Consoles “Spectacular,” Says EA’s Frank Gibeau

EA’s Frank Gibeau was in the news recently because of his talk of release windows and next-gen consoles, stating they’ll be out in “about a year’s time.” And in a recent interview with Gameindustry International, he had a lot to say concerning the current state of video games, and where the next year will take us.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1843d ago

I bet they are. I can't wait to see them:)

raytraceme1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

While next Gen will be refreshing I really hope Sony, microsoft, and Nintendo up their game in new innovative ip's.

I also hope mobile gaming dies in a hole. Mobile gaming has a big part in where Dev. money is spent and console/PC gamers suffer because of that BS. Mobile gaming is a BIG step back for pc/console gamers if it gets anymore bigger :-(

F2p and facebook games need to die they cost more than a $60 game in the long run while being much worse than $60 games.

nukeitall1843d ago

Personally, I think there are plenty of games. What I hope for is quality games that really push the boundaries of what we already do and don't do.

There is a over abundance of games being released, but not enough new experiences in general.

We are fortunate this generation to have been introduced to achievements, motion control gaming first Wii and then Kinect, upgradeability of OS in consoles and robust online gaming on consoles.

I want to see a robust platform with ever expandability of new features and experiences.

One feature I would love is to be able to queue all my entertainment needs on the go, store all my saves/profiles in the cloud automagically and even more convenience. I want the console to be at the center of my entertainment need and extend that to portable devices I own.

zeeshan1843d ago

Pretty sure I read this months ago.

darthv721843d ago

this is off topic but, in that pic he looks like an older Harry Potter.

WAIT, didnt EA make the Harry Potter games?


RememberThe3571842d ago

@nukeitall: Well said. Bubbles for that.

awi59511842d ago

They better have decent ram this time and also a dedicated physics chip. Im tired of seeing textures load in and laggy FPS when explosions go off.

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GraveLord1843d ago

I can't wait to touch them.

WeskerChildReborned1843d ago

Yea, i wonder how big of a jump it'll be compared to current gen tech.

ElitaStorm1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Next-Gen will be all about graphic

and spectacular graphics is the only thing that will save consoles from phone and tablet gamers

they need to give ppl a reason to buy consoles

EPIKgamer1843d ago

they are already losing to PC in that regard, what consoles need to do is provide gameplay you cant get any where else, and M$ and Sony are failing at that now.

VverdugovV1843d ago

You can play Uncharted, Halo, God of War, LittleBigPlanet, The Last of Us and inFamous some where else other than in their exclusive platforms?

WiiUalpha1843d ago

Of course not but you cant play WoW,PLanetside 2, Diablo 3, True BF3, etc etc etc either.

I can however play 90% of the same games which is why I decided on the Wii/PC instead of PC/PS3 or PC/360 because the libraries are pretty much the same except for a few exclusives and I honestly find that Sony games are only so impressive to single console owners. Most of us have been playing, maybe not the same game, the same concept in games for years that Sony is just now releasing.

Sony fans are impressed by All Stars but I am not because I know its just a copy of whats been on another console for years. Same thing with most of Sony's games actually. UNcharted is a tomb raider rip.LBP is their attempt at Mario.

I'm much happier with my Wii/PC combo because I not only got the highest rated games this gen but the library between the two is so vastly different.

AIndoria1843d ago

Another stupid PC vs Console argument. Can't you guys leave each other at peace?
If you want good graphics, get PCs, and if you want excellent exclusives with some really innovative gameplay(Heavy Rain, Unfinished Swan, Journey), get a console.

It's physically possible to own both, fanboys.

kaozgamer1842d ago

@ WiiUalpha

You dont have a ps3 and therefore havnt played any of the games. There is no reason why you should be bashing it.

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leogets1843d ago

They should blow minds going on how good fone games look these days. Dead trigger for example

FarCryLover1821843d ago

We all know they are coming, but I find it sort of rude in a sense to the console creators that EA are touting them as so amazing since they haven't actually been announced. I'm surprised EA don't reveal all the specs too, doesn't seem like they care too much to keep other people's secrets.

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