PS3 recovers its momentum

Last year the PlayStation 3 was much maligned for its high price, limited software range and the removal of backward compatibility with PS2 games, but Sony is now clawing back some much-needed momentum.

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mighty_douche3595d ago

I hate these articles (although ill still approve) purely because they act as if the PS3 was almost dead last year, when in reality it sold more than the 360, sold more software than the 360 (per console), highest average game reviews and even had better performance (sales) than the PS2 in the same time span.

Oh well i guess people just find it easier to be negative.

ericnellie3595d ago

MOMENTUM, you've got to look at all the things Sony changed and made right to get to where they are now. I think it's safe to call it momentum. They lowered prices, changed SKUs, improved PSN, became humble, blu-ray won, and had good software selections during the holidays. To us, the fans it may seem easy or expected but, Sony worked their a$$ off because in the beginning they didn't do as well as expected -- they have even admitted that =) Whatever the case, they're doing AWESOME right now!!!

SSCOOLCHEA3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Why did you do it ???? me , i knew from day one this is a better system . everybody always talk about the price ... i know this gets old but if you factor what the ps3 has done so far , man it was worth more the price of admission...and the future well just let it play out...i made this prediction 2 years ago on the sony is sanchizzle77sucka

v1c1ous3595d ago

cause it's going to get 1000+ degrees, 90% fanboy discussions, and pushes out actual useful, interesting topics out of the way

Jdoki3595d ago

Throw in a 'Wii has no decent software or is a fad' article and a 'XBox360 is unreliable' article and then chuck in one of these 'PS3 gains momentum' and you have your average week (day!) at N4G!!

We KNOW PS3 is selling better. We know the Wii isn't a fad. We know MS have improved 360 reliability.

Move on and lets have some proper news.

Vip3r3595d ago

Plus the "why bluray isnt needed" articles too.

v1c1ous3595d ago

hd-dvd is dead daily reminder

Jdoki3595d ago

True... forgot those.

Have we had a '20 minute install is a good/bad thing' article today? If not I'll knock one up quickly! :)

whengeeksgobad3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

MGS no longer exclusive. MGS still exclusive! Surfer girl farts again! and we have nearly covered the WHOLE SITES articles for the day. This site *used* to be really great... Quite a few of us have been complaining about this for months now. At least I haven't been getting as many disagrees for saying what other people are starting to see as well.

Man, lately it's more like "news for lamers."

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Meus Renaissance3595d ago

"And we'll bring the price (currently $699) down as soon as the manufacturing cost comes down."

Jdoki3595d ago

So that suggests they are still taking quite a hit on the hardware sales... but not bad considering the tech packed in to the PS3.

What do PS3's retail for in the US these days? UK is £299.99 which is about $600.

The jump to 45nm Cell will certainly help increase yield and lower costs.

Also it just shows how important the PS2 is/was to Sony's bottom line in the gaming division.

Kleptic3594d ago

the 40gb with Spiderman 3 and no BC (currently I guess) is US$400, so 200 lbs (see what I did there?...not sure how to get that symbol) roughly...

this article claims the production cost to still be 700 dollars though?...did I read that right?...I heard the prodcution costs fell to under 500 by the 1st of this year...its not like Sony would go out and confirm that, because they would then be plagued with people thinking a price drop is yet again coming soon...

but whatever...My guess is $299 or $350 for the same 40gb, with no movie, right around MGS4 and GTAIV...even if the 360 drops to that price as well, which it most likely will...I think the PS3 would be in a much better position for moving consoles (2 high profile games in the Spring instead of just one...not to mention the other 4-5 blockbuster exclusives coming later this year)

Kaz Hirai3595d ago

I told you so!


Sony Soldiers3595d ago

Sir! We will squash every XBOT PIG!



Kazuo Hirai shall lead us to victory!

Kaz Hirai3595d ago

Now resume your duty of crushing the Xbot HOGS!
Victory awaits us!


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