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Halo 4 offers a 7 hour campaign

Halo 4's single player campaign can be cleared in an average game time on default settings, but there's more with Spartan Ops. (Halo 4, Xbox 360)

Kingdom Come  +   636d ago
Add a couple of hours for those including myself that'll be playing through on Legendary difficulty. The wait for Halo 4 is agonising.
IronFistChinMi  +   636d ago
With you on that. I've started every Halo game since 2 on legendary and it's always taken me 12+ hours to finish them that way. Mainly because I die plenty!
Irishguy95  +   636d ago
Ain't even dying for me. Encounters with Elites are just a long difficult battle
darkride66  +   635d ago
Yeah, I've always heard "It only takes x number of hours to complete" and with these games I always find I'm way over whatever that amount is. I enjoy the Halo games. I like to explore, take my time and enjoy the experience.
JAM_brz  +   636d ago
Add for me more 3 hours just to be watching all around the graphics and apreciating it.

It's just me that like to be watching and apreciatting the graphics without doing anything?
RickHiggity  +   635d ago
Imagine having to wait a few days after launch before you can actually get it :(
ALLWRONG  +   635d ago
warning: dfjgosdhgjdf is spamming PM's with Halo 4 spoilers.
Dante112  +   636d ago
Only 7 hours? I though 343 said that it was 12 hours on normal? Doesn't really break it for me though, I mean, Halo's multiplayer is arguably one of the best out there. Gonna get my hours out of that.
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Ashunderfire86  +   636d ago
They played it on the easy difficulty I bet.
kingdavid  +   636d ago
Reviews say its longer than halo 3 so...
ginsunuva  +   635d ago
Halo 3 took me like 5 hours. It had a crappy SP compared to 1 and 2.
dark-hollow  +   636d ago
Halo was always around that length IF you're playing on normal or lower difficulity.

Playing on heroic or legendary can give you 12+ hours worth of campaign mode.
Eyeco  +   636d ago
Heroic is usually my default difficulty when I play Halo games so thats great to heat
greenpowerz  +   636d ago
Got your copy pre-ordered? ;)
The_Infected  +   636d ago
I think IGN said it was around 10 hours so I'm not really worried about what this site says. Either way it looks damn amazing and i can't wait to play it!
bubblebeam  +   636d ago
Many games lie about their lengths though.

It will take me on Normal probably 12 hours, as I ALWAYS look for easter eggs and such. On Legendary this game is a different beast. You get to really see the extent of Halo's AI on Lehendary. It will make you cry.
0pie  +   636d ago
7hours is too short for a "triple A"
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Norrison   636d ago | Trolling | show
shaneTsung  +   636d ago
it only took me 5 hrs on normal and I was looking for skulls, there are none hidden by the way, they just give'em all to us no looking. xshanetsungx is the gammer tag if u wanna see if I beat it
Ashunderfire86  +   636d ago
Let me tell you guys something what many of you failed to realize. Many of the FPS of this generation is longer than the classic FPS of many generations ago. Take Doom for example, it was short as 1 and half hours long or less. In the original Goldeneye, you can go through each level in 5 or 7 minutes which only makes it just about a 2 hour game!!! So Halo 4 is criticized as short is just plain ridiculous!!! 7 hours is longer than those games just remember that plus the higher difficulty makes it much longer, and on top of that you have the episodic coop game as well!!! Heck even Call of Duty at 5 hours is longer than those old games. Now since I mention Call of Duty's length I am going to get disagrees, but know this you are getting more out of these games than the past games. Unreal for PC is an exception, cause PC can make it a longer game. Unreal Gold for PC is the longest FPS I ever played!!! It had over 40 levels and they were all long with replayability!!!
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insomnium2   636d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
Neurotoxin  +   636d ago
Perfect rental length
-MD-  +   636d ago
Ya my Live expired like a year ago so I plan on renting it for the campaign.
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nutcrackr  +   636d ago
I played on legendary with one hand tied behind my back AND I was underwater. Took me 27.3 hours and I nearly drowned twice.
Yangus  +   636d ago
7 hour campaign?
Not bad,and maybe easy difficulty.

CoD series....not 4-5 hour campaign,play hardened&veteran.

FPS=easy difficulty=noob.
sealava  +   636d ago
CoD series has a campaign !!?
Walker  +   636d ago
Only 7 hour ?! Just Like Killzone 3 !
CandyCaptain  +   636d ago
The writer said he did it on normal without rushing. With that said, I am still looking forward to playing it. :D

(Edit: Felt like it.)
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Bathyj  +   636d ago
They always say 6 - 10 hours but I never finish a game in that time. I do like to take my time in games but generally I dont think those guestimates apply to a first playthrough. At least not for me.
InTheLab  +   636d ago
If you are playing on easy or normal, then you are not playing Halo.

These are critics we're talking about. Challenge and difficulty have nothing to do with reviewing games.
CanadianTurtle  +   635d ago
7 hours is enough for games like these. I'd say 4-5 hours is considered short.

Plus, it usually takes me a bit longer to beat most games than the average gamer because I tend to explore every inch of the universe haha. So it's not really 7 hours for me. More like 9 hours

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