XF reviews Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Elements

Review Quote:
"Killing enemies in a game is fun. That's why we play them. But it's not fun when you almost pity them. That's because the enemy AI appears to be mentally handicapped. ... Instead of attacking you, it's more likely that your foe will dart to a walls ledge and wait for you to kick them to their death. Considering the amusement I got from this game, the AI may actually be smarter then I give them credit for. Perhaps the enemies did know what they were doing and just wanted out of the game as bad as I did."

+ It's another action RPG on Xbox 360

- It's a boring action RPG

- The graphics reflect it being from 2006

- Horrendous story that bores you to tears

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solidt123782d ago

I liked the demo. The combat was cool but i guess you have to play the whole game to see how it turns out. but in the demo it seemed funner than elder scrolls

GunShotEddy3782d ago

The reviews aren't looking too good, but I'm gonna at least rent it and give it a try. I liked the demo too. Plus who knows if the reviewers have the same taste as me?

replikka3782d ago

and i played it for the first 2 minutes. the first minute was the prologue. then i realized it didnt have inverted y axis, and the graphics sucks. so i threw it out. that wont see my 360 again

zornik3782d ago

I read alot of bad reviews for this game and i'm skipping it.The game was announced as a FULL remake of the PC original with lots of extras and no bugs?????
It's just another example of a cheap port to get extra cash.