Hilary Goldstein Responds to Cheapy D (Three Red Lights Podcast)

Answering a post from the boards, Hilary responds to Cheapy D's reaction to Hilary's statement regarding the future of the X-Box 360 (or the lack thereof).

Direct quote: "I think we all know that Chili - Cheapy D is a fanboy, and that his comments on his podcast are always ludicrous and without factual basis. So, Cheapy D, if you want, I'll come on your podcast . . . or we could call you up and we could have you on our podcast; how about that? 'Cause I don't really wanna go on your podcast; I don't care about you....."

This happens about 56 minutes into the podcast.

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Chris_GTR13753d ago

....damn... cheapy has always been pretty rational about what he says in his podcasts. if anyone has heard the last rrod podcast youd know that hilary is the ps3 fanboy. he completely went crazy bashing the 360 for like 10 minutes straight.

-EvoAnubis-3753d ago

Actually, I agreed with much that Hilary said that day. I hope that after GDC, Cheapy D actually does make an appearance on the Three Red Lights podcast . . . I think it would be a very informative and highly interesting debate.

LastDance3753d ago

Dude what are you on? Everything he said in the podcast was 100% true or looked to be that way for the future. Dont call him a fanboy. He supported everything he said.


crck3753d ago

Instead of making fun of his name. Why don't you dispute his claims? Lets see:

PS3 better value with the victory of blu-ray
PS3 better lineup of games for 2008
PS3 More reliable
PS3 Free online play

What could the guys defending the 360 come up with? Achievement points...

crck3753d ago

I see your changing the topic too. But I'll answer your question. PS3 is in 3rd place because they spotted the 360 a 8.5 mill to 9 mill lead. That lead is now down to 7 mill or less. Ps3 in its first year outsold the 360 its first year. Ps3 in its first year outsold the 360 in its 2nd year. Sony owns a ton of internal studios. MS relies on buying exclusives from 3rd parties and funding projects from smaller independent studios which continue to be bought by large 3rd party publishers. As the ps3 base grows the cost for buying an exclusive will continue to increase because of the lost revenue they could generate on the PS3. You tell me who is in the better position.

InYourMom3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

Who has been in gaming much longer than MS? Who has a potential install base of 120mil with the PS2/PS1? Who is the underdog in the console race?

MS is in a damn good position considering they are the new guy in gaming machines. The very fact that they are seen as a threat by many is saying a lot.

Blu-ray is an advantage for the videophile, however if MS wanted to they could release a BR add-on and drop the price of the 360 to be in the price range of PS3. In gaming, Blu-ray hasn't shown it's advantage yet. Reliablity is getting better and there was no excuse for it in the first place but to say it will never get better is short sighted. It is in MS's best interest to get rid of the RROD. They made a big mistake by waiting a long time and this will have an effect on how long these RROD machines are still in circulation. Live does cost $$$ but it is a much richer experience than PSN, until PSN matches XBL in all functionality why should MS stop charging?

The way Hilary presented his argument was like a whiney fanboy. To say the 360 has no merit like he implies is just short-sighted.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3753d ago

MS has been in games sense the 80s with DOS, Sony started in the mid 90s with the Playstation.

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Chris_GTR13753d ago

well he can't make an appearance anymore.. not after what he said

"or we could call you up and we could have you on our podcast; how about that? 'Cause I don't really wanna go on your podcast; I don't care about you....."

i feel bad for cheapy i usually listen to his podcasts everyweek, but as for hilary , last weeks podcast he just went on and on like one of the crazy fanboys on this site.. he reminded me of nasim actually. i know for shure that cheapy likes xbox but he isnt a fanboy. hilary is taking it way too far with those comments and i hope he gets fired.

and wtf kinda name is hilary? first time i heard that name i knew it was a girl.

evyrew3753d ago

I'm not defending the ign guy, but it sounded like he was trying to be funny and it just came out wrong. One of the guys didn't even know who CheapyD is... but yea, that was totally uncalled for.

-EvoAnubis-3753d ago

That's how I took it too, but I couldn't put a personal opinion in the story. I mean, when he was making this rant, everyone else was cracking up laughing.

Rocko3753d ago

who names their son Hilary? Seriously...

gunnerforlife3753d ago

hes paretns must be some crazy nutters to name a guy hilary hahaha

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