80GB System Officially Dead?

The latest rumor going around, initially posted on Kotaku, was that the corporate offices had sent out an internal email stating that stores "shouldn't expect any further shipments on the higher end, PS2 compatible SKU." Today, we confirmed with several GameStop managers that this memo had indeed been sent out, and that the current stock of 80GB PS3s in their stores were the only ones they would receive.

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PROGnosis3724d ago

Actually they are going to change the game that comes included with the 80GB. Could be Warhawk or Uncharted

Frances-the-Mute3724d ago

they should change the HDD size as well

solidt123723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

the hard drive size really doesn't matter unless they are going to put a 250 gig in it which they won't. It is cheap and easy to put whatever size drive you want in your PS3. Backwards Compatibility is nice to have though.

pwnsause3723d ago

I would replace Motorstorm with warhawk since that game comes with a bluetooth headset.

AceLuby3723d ago

It's online only and while many people enjoy online gaming, not everyone has a broadband connection, and not everyone likes playing online. Uncharted or Ratchet would be my guess.

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PS360WII3723d ago

Well in all honesty 1 sku is a lot better. Sure it doesn't have the BC which is important for some (like me) but it is also less confussion and stuff. Plus less cost of production on Sonys end

Relcom3723d ago

releasing a new Sku soon after this. I'm sure its already in production.

PS360WII3723d ago

True they probably are making another one most likely an elite type model.

Dareaver13723d ago

sure one sku would be better, but make it the BC sku. Sony made a bold claim and stated that the PS3 would be BC and they should stay true to that claim. Even though the 80gig models BC is not (i think, don't quote me on that) as in-depth as the 60gig, something is better than nothing. And it'll decrease the unfulfilled promises feeling that i've been feeling. But, that's my opinion, and i know i do not represent the majority.

I currently have a 360 which i feel is awesome and most Multi-plat games i'll probably buy for since i am paying for Live and i'm better acclimated with the controller, but there are PS games that i want to play, Like God of War 2 (yes i know it's for PS2, but that's why i think BC is important) & 3, Uncharted, and future games like Little Big Planet, the new Twisted Metal, and hopefully a new Kingdom Hearts game. Plus i heard that Resistance is pretty awesome and Resistance 2 is shaping up outdo it's predecessor by leaps and bounds. So i want to get some gaming in on those also.....

mighty_douche3723d ago

120-160 gb HDD, Dual shock 3, few games, few Blu-Rays and Playtv.

solidt123723d ago

Man that would be one expensive bundle.

Dareaver13723d ago

I'm waiting for them to bundle in the DualShock 3 controllers, i love racing games, and i feel that rumble is essential, plus with FPS games, when your about to die, that pulse that simulates your heartrate is awesome. I hope by then they will still be releasing BC compatible units, that's a feature that i need also. Trying to reduce the clutter around my entertainment setup.

kalel1143723d ago

if a new SKU comes out. I would really like to se a price drop on the 40gig, if anything.

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