BBC take first look at Play TV, the PS3 exclusive digital tv tuner

At some point this year Sony will launch Play TV, the PlayStation 3 exclusive TV tuner, similar to a normal Sky+ plus box, that lets you watch, record and rewind live TV.

The BBC go hands-on...

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Rama262853753d ago

Shame on JamieSI approving this story lol

jonnyvito3753d ago

Sorry guys, should have double checked. Didn't realise it was a duplicate.

mighty_douche3753d ago

Duplicate article. Surprised that a site admin didnt check first.

Rama262853753d ago

That's what I was thinking and said up there - but I still get a disagree lol

CallOfWar223753d ago

I need a DVR for football season n family guy. Lemme get this straight. Blueray, awesome games, dualshock 3, free online, n now this. Wat am I waiting 4.

PopEmUp3753d ago

News corp will be going to shopping soon

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