GTA IV's defining moment revealed - by Dan Houser

CVG writes:

"Following our exclusive hands-on with GTAIV (read our impressions based on an unprecedented two hours of off-mission experiment in PSM3#98, on-sale 14th February) we were most impressed by the way GTAIV fuses random elements into 'perfect', unique moments, that gel with scripted precision. Suitably impressed, we asked Rockstar supremo Dan Houser to reveal his perfect random moment - with thrilling, if unpredictable results."

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BlazeXXL3475d ago

the wait is killing me :|

f7ss13475d ago

holy crap that sounded so awesome

spandexxking3475d ago

just wait there will be plenty of "defining" moments! its GTA the whole game is defining!

eclipsegryph3475d ago

Have you ever played Grand Theft Auto I or II? Whilst fun, they weren't really "defining" games. Now if you're referencing GTA III as being a defining game, then I think you're right on the money with that.

AceLuby3475d ago

Is GTA1 only in 3D. GTA1, 2, and London were genre defining sandbox games and w/out that 2D basis we would not have the juggernaut that is the GTA series. GTA3 actually took a step back, feature wise, when compared to GTA2.

HeartlesskizZ3475d ago

The first thing ill do in the game is punch a cop....

I haven't done that in ages =D

Korosuke3475d ago

**alert** There a unfavorable civilian goes **alert**

gunnerforlife3475d ago

r u telling me uve punched a cop before:O

HeartlesskizZ3475d ago only on the games not real life =D

spandexxking3475d ago

phantom disagreer! must be a saints row fan

Gazman3475d ago

Looks like another night coming up that there will be no sleep

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The story is too old to be commented.