An Unhappy Halloween, Sponsored by Resident Evil 6

Not only is Resident Evil 6 not scary, it’s loathsome to play. It really is.

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Scissorman822205d ago

It's the end of horror as we know it, kids.

-MD-2204d ago

Nah horror is still around you just need to look for it, Resident Evil will never be what it was though. Resident Evil is for the Michael Bay crowd now.

Treian2204d ago

Amnesia 1 and 2 (upcoming) says hello.

ZeekQuattro2204d ago

I rarely let reviews sway me from buying games. I use them as a means to learn more about a game more than anything. That being said this game has gotten so much flack that I just can't see buying it even if they release a gold version. I already felt 5 was a step back from 4 though I still kinda liked it. This one seems to take it one step further.

Totoro172204d ago

5 was a step back but it still managed to work (I mean ::SPOILER:: the fight at the volcano?? Come on!).

RE4...THAT'S survival horror done right!! It was perfection and if they had added co-op to that (hey Capcom, you listening??), would have been GREAT! Here's hoping.

taquito2204d ago

gonna wait for the pc version, played a bit on ps3(rental) and was disappointed with the controls, and the visuals were abysmal

when steam has it on sale for $15 2 months after release I'll grab it then, I have played every resident evil game, even the outbreaks on ps2, dead aim, resident evil gaiden on gameboy, all of them, so I still feel the complusary need to play this one, but if i must suffer through it, then it will be on the best possible platform with the best possible visuals.

GenericNameHere2204d ago

You really want to play this game on PC? On PC, it's gonna look like a pretty and shiny turd, but it's still a turd.

Treian2204d ago

pretty much. but there will be some cool mods on the PC version

Monstar2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

When was RE ever scary? you're not kids've grown up. Using the lack of scare excuse to critisize a game after all these years of being action horror, shits me. Change your nastalgic butthurt mentality..and rate the game for what it is now.

Capcom aren't trying to be survival horror, the games roots have changed and going by the sales, you can see why.

Lord_Sloth2204d ago

Oh look. This article again.