God of War sex scene set to reignite media attacks?

With one maiden on all-fours and the other openly topless, the game camera moves away from the ensuing 'action,' focusing on a nearby candle that rocks and shakes as the player performs button prompts and analogue stick movements to govern the impact of each suggested thrust being experienced by the young women.

To make matters worse, the game's audio builds to a crescendo of orgasmic moans should the player time their button presses and stick swirls correctly. Then, once spent, the camera moves back to Kratos who, without even leaving his mobile number, is free to continue with his quest -- or engage in another session of fleshy entanglement should the player so desire.

Of course, beyond a revealed breast, nothing remotely sexual can actually be seen during the gameplay clip, but, given the current climate where sex and videogames is concerned, it's difficult to imagine media sources choosing to ignore the temptation to once again pillory a high-profile release.

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decapitator3753d ago

It was inevitable. I was getting this game the moment it came out, now it just made the dayone list.

sonarus3753d ago

wtf not GOW. Imagine if they scared GOW to take out the nudity and all the sexual scenes i hope they are too busy with other news to pay attention to gamers since they jst seem to pop in when they feel like. Nudity and stuff are crucial elements in the GOW franchise

Cwalat3753d ago

who gives a crap about the media attacks against gaming ?

its just pointless and they know it themselves.

TheHater3753d ago

I would love to see what FOX News have to say about this when it comes out. LOL
But this has be preorder for already, and I just have to pick it up when it comes out.

decapitator3753d ago

Faux news is a joke. Thanks to them, most stores are pulling Mass Effect of the shelves. And all of this was based on a poor research done.

ravinash3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

You might as well put the full thing on screen, as this is going to be what they will report anyway.
in some ways, its a lot worse to leave it to your imagination...the things that go through these right wing minds is far worse than anything thats appeared on screen before.

HeartlesskizZ3753d ago

I stated on the other story that I would hate Fox making another SEXBOX ep on this mini game because that will affect my highly anticipated GOW3

antoinetm3753d ago

they should mention the candle holder shaped like a girl and well..., if you check the whole scene (and have a little imagination) you can see how far they went with the symbolism.

Such a poetic game :)

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Salvadore3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

It starts with F and ends with X.

vloeistof3753d ago

i want this game but dont have a psp :(

oftopic: see it

AliC3753d ago

Meh what's new, this was in the first game and that had an 18 certificate in the UK.

thedude176553753d ago

it was also in the second one, and nothing happened.

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The story is too old to be commented.