Kuma’s DLC Review of Sleeping Dogs Nightmare in North Point

Kuma Wrote: Happy Halloween everyone and welcome to the review of Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point. This is latest Downloadable content in the Sleeping Dogs Campaign. There is nothing like going out on a hot date about to get a good night kiss when all of a sudden an evil spirit appears and takes your girl on a thriller evening. Northpoint becomes a demon’s play ground with Jiang Shi (Chinese Vampires) and other demons led by a vengeful spirit in a smiley cat costume. I will let you in on an old lore which is why it is important to give people a proper burial so they will not wonder the earth as an angry demon. There was a gangster of the triad named “Big Scar Wu” who was too big for his own ego; so one day the boss decided to terminate ties with his soldier.

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