Are We Selling Sex or Games?

With core gaming seen as a male dominated market, and developers generally dominated by male workers, the Daily Reaction team of Seb and Dan weigh in on the topic of sexism in gaming. - PSLS

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doctorstrange1814d ago

I want to see the rest of that pic.

Abash1814d ago

Marcus Fenix: "Dammit, me too"

Foolsjoker1814d ago

The real question is...Where is Sully in that pic?

GamerToons1814d ago

Games, they are selling games.

Sweet now I don't need to read the article.. lol

Foolsjoker1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Most people think Drake kills with a gun, but in reality he just needs his eyes.

I swear I'm straight...

doctorstrange1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

I'm straight... unless a half tuck is involved.

Foolsjoker1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Ur straight...unless a dude's involved.

doctorstrange1814d ago

I'm straight... when you try to get involved

Foolsjoker1814d ago

I was straight...till I saw your mom.

Getowned1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

"!" - Metal gear solid

wastedcells1814d ago

I feel a " are you gay if" or if you do it once does that make you gay moment coming for sure.

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ElitaStorm1813d ago

don't worry, all men are 5% gay and it's natural

Scissorman821814d ago

Anyone else find Mr. Scratch from Alan Wake: American Nightmare incredibly sexy? No> Just me then...

ftwrthtx1814d ago

Sex sells, regardless of what you are selling.

ftwrthtx1814d ago

Ever seen an ugly model, regardless of the product?

doctorstrange1814d ago

Action man has no penis. That's pretty ugly...

Foolsjoker1814d ago

What if it's a cream for herpes?

Bimkoblerutso1814d ago

They have a sexy herpes cream for that.

nrvalleytime1814d ago

Is that controller in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

knifefight1814d ago

Why don't you touch it and find out?


*Pulls out a Vita*

Seriously, it's fun :D

nrvalleytime1814d ago

My question - why did you bring a Vita to a knifefight?

See what I did there?

Bathyj1814d ago

I'm not happy to see you, I just have enormous genitals.

Outside_ofthe_Box1814d ago


The jokes on here are pretty hilarious.

nrvalleytime1814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )


You can attest.... to Bathyj's enormous testicles.... that's cool if that's how you roll.

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