Top ten lovers in video gaming writes "It's Valentine's day and so, for whatever tentative reason, love is strongly tipped to be in the air. Alas, video gaming is one area where love struggles to find its place. Arguably that's a good thing as singletons across the globe can at least find some respite in video games from the day's barrage of cards, roses, bears, hearts, bears holding hearts, cards of bears holding hearts, bears holding cards... you get the idea.

But there are a few games that have a decent stab at some romantic interest – it varies from implicit sexual tension boiling in the subtext to full blown inter-character hanky-panky. So, we've compiled a list of the most heart-warming, bizarre, kinky, tragic and enthralling lovers in gaming. Bear in mind that there are some spoilers ahead. "

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Winter47th3755d ago

Approved for using Max Payne as a poster, hopefully when they're done with Alan Wake sometime in 2038 they'll start working on it.

InMyOpinion3755d ago


Link & Zelda?

Cloud & Aeris?

BS article.

Ilinx3755d ago

you could also count Link and Tetra (Windwaker/Phantom Hourglass), Link and Ilia (Twilight Princess)

I'm no FFVII expert, but wasn't it more of a love triangle?

InMyOpinion3755d ago

Yeah, I think Cloud actually fancied Barret.