Disturbing Memories of the Super Mario Series

The Super Mario series is not known for its scary moments, but throughout its long and rich history, little aspects of the games have left us with haunting and disturbing memories that are too hard to forget. Today is the perfect day to look back and to remind ourselves that the Mario series is not always as innocent as it looks.

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Scissorman821936d ago

That freaking mask from SMB2 used to scare the shit out of me as a kid...

-GametimeUK-1935d ago

Ditto! I hated that idiot!

Draperc1935d ago

Fucking piano in Super Mario 64. Like the article said I just wanted that red coin and had no idea that it would start chasing me down with it's teeth.

cpayne931935d ago

Another thing that scared me as a kid in mario 64 was that giant fish that would swallow you whole. Something about being eaten really horrified me as a kid, and I didn't know the freakin thing would grab me like that.

Draperc1935d ago

Why'd you have to remind me of that?! I had successfully repressed that memory until now!

deafdani1935d ago

Let's not forget the Eagle Head in Super Mario Bros 2, which served as a portal to end all the levels until near the end of the game, where it became alive and went after you. That scared me as a kid.