OXM US Review: Lost Odyssey

OXM US writes:

"If my college English professor graded the first disc of Lost Odyssey, I can picture the comments he'd make. "Self-indulgent." "Needs thematic editing." "Squanders too much on background." He'd probably scribble in red pen: "Hey Mistwalker? Less talk, more rock, please." And despite the game's more egregious technical sins and its constant need to yap your freakin' face off with STORY!, EXPOSITION!, and load-tastic cutscenes every five minutes, Lost Odyssey eventually does really rock. Well, at least in that traditional, turn-based–RPG kind of way, which is really more like Fleetwood Mac than Dio. You just have to be willing to commit until it does."

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iMad3718d ago

Did he played JRPG before??? I guess no.
Here is better review from JPRG spcialist for newbies to JRPG like me.

mullet3718d ago

Right, the only reviews that count are the high ones that came from unknown sources? LOL! Lost Odyssey is getting lots of 6's and 7's. It's a mediocre JRPG that was hyped a little too much by 360 fanboys.

lonestarmt3718d ago

yeah I feel like if they never said FF killer they would have gotten better reviews. Sometimes hype can hurt you

FCOLitsjustagame3718d ago

Starting to look like Lost Planet with the reviews being all over the place from high 9's to low 6's. I guess its the type of game you either love the genra or not. I played ES and liked it well enough but have never played another JRPG. I guess I will pick this up and see for myself because the reviews arent telling me much. Though the one 7.5 one I just watched video review for actually spoke mostly positive about the game (except the technical issues...good story as a plus and tech issues as a minus, sounds kind of like Mass Effect).

iMad3718d ago

cause main reviwers uses special debug version of xbox(which not allow games to be pirated).

kewlkat0073718d ago

Going back to turn-base is a breath of fresh air..Do yourself a favor and pick up this game if your really into JRPGs and not just the Square ones.

A lot of early reviewers were having issues with the un polished game. 30 secs for a battle to start is so ludacris..haha

Gambus Kahn3718d ago

If you are a JRPG fan and dont mind turn based battles then Lost Odysssey should be a must buy.

but if you only buy games with Final Fantasy attached to it, then I would say that you are not a true JRPG fan but a FF fanboy.

Lost Odyssey is a above average Final Fantasy game, it's better then FF8 and FF10, but falls short compaired to FF12, FF7, and FF6. It is still a great game on its own.

AceLuby3718d ago

FF8 & FF10 are FAR better than FF12. That being said I'll probably pick this game up when I'm get sick of COD4, which I don't see happening any time soon...

mintaro3718d ago

Final fantasy VIII is in a league of its own campared to FFXII

ericnellie3718d ago

So far, I really enjoy this one!

kewlkat0073718d ago

just 3 hrs in though...The only people that troll and trash this game are fanboys that are probably not interested in the Genre or just play Final fantasy games, and that's it.

v1c1ous3718d ago

it was fine for heavenly sword :/

mullet3718d ago

Yeah except Heavenly Sword has a 81% overall average on Lost Odyssey is stuck in the 70's.

Greysturm3718d ago

Xbox fans trashed that game for that score oh well guess it only aplies to ps3 games then.

lonestarmt3718d ago

haha yeah I know guys. It looks like things are starting to flip.

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The story is too old to be commented.