The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Review: Elementary or awesome?


"The Sherlock Holmes adventure game series continues with the new installment from Frogwares, the independent gaming company, and it’s most recent creation, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes.

This sixth installment provides an interesting and dark mystery to solve, which has you rather hooked from the start. The whole experience is enhanced by the great graphics.

Though if I were to describe this game in one word, well that would be…Gruesome."

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BadCircuit2208d ago

I'm really glad to see an adventure game on 360. I'm not a PC gamer anymore and I miss them.

gaminoz2208d ago

This looks surprisingly good. I thought these games were only on DS and PC these days.

BadCircuit2208d ago

Are the DS versions any fun?

DeusExer2208d ago

Too bad the game will no doubt be in the shadow of the blockbuster titles of the season.

Hopefully it gets a bit more recognition once the gaming landscape is a bit more quiet.

BadCircuit2208d ago

I don't know why they release these so close to the obvious blockbusters?

It would have been a great Feb release.

gaminoz2208d ago

I know, it's going to be one of those people assume is bargin bin fodder at best or will be too busy with other titles.

calis2208d ago

I love Sherlock Holmes and this does look pretty good.

It's too bad it will not sell well.