Resident Evil 6 Review | Weeaboos With Controllers

WWC: "After releasing three spin-off titles in the form of Resident Evil: Revelations, The Mercenaries 3D, and the god-awful Operation Raccoon City, Capcom brings us the latest numbered entry in the series, Resident Evil 6. With so much riding on the line to make this entry one that could appeal to fans of both action and survival horror, Capcom went all out. They included four distinct campaigns, featuring 7 different protagonists. Did they succeed in making the series scary again? After playing the game extensively, the answer is a resounding “No.” However, while you won’t need a fresh pair of underwear at the ready, the game is still visually impressive, packed to the gills with content, and offers some of the best co-op around. What keeps it from achieving greatness, though, are the small details."

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