Xbox 360 aims to capture Wii owners this holiday

Forget Wii U, Microsoft's Matt Barlow tells that Xbox 360 will be the HD console of choice.

Nintendo will be launching Wii U in just a few weeks, and Mario and Co. no doubt would like Wii owners to make the jump to their new platform, but Microsoft sees it playing out differently this holiday. With blockbusters like Halo 4 and a $50 price cut on holiday bundles, Matt Barlow, general manager of product marketing for Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business, believes Xbox 360 will have the edge in the HD console battle.

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LackTrue4K2238d ago

most Nintendo fans are that....NINTENDO FANS...if they ever wanted to change to a different platform, it would of happen months/years ago. Not at this point, not when the Wii U is coming out!

MaxXAttaxX2238d ago

It didn't say Nintendo fans, it said Wii owners.
And as we all know, the majority of Wii owners are not Nintendo fans.

nukeitall2238d ago

I don't think Wii owners in general are awaiting the Wii U. They just play whatever they think is fun, has little loyalty to any one console (as they are probably even that educated in games) and marketing takes time to grab foothold since most of it is spread by word of mouth.

Kinect should do wonders for this by now, but we will see.

Personally, I just can't wait for Halo 4, especially after those stellar reviews being published for it!

kikizoo2238d ago

nukebox fan : always acting like ps3 (and better motioin controler, exclusives,s wonder book, vita, etc) does'nt even exist :)

denial people.

"stellar reviews" lol..

vishant1012238d ago

What people fail to realise the killer app for the wii u isn't there... remember the xbox 360 launch yea it was huge but ps2 still sold more that month why coz new systems are expensive and 360 didn't have its killer app untill gears of war was released that's when its sales really started to come through. Wii U will sell a lot but it doesn't have to sell as much as the xbox to be considered a success. I won't be buying one untill i finally get HD Zelda and i think a lot of other people will hold out for other games as well.

Ashunderfire862238d ago

Uhh the killer App is Zombie U !!! And I guarantee it will beat Resident Evil 6 too.

deafdani2238d ago

New Super Mario Bros. U. The NSMB series is one of the best selling EVER.

So yeah, Wii U do actually have a killer app.

Cam9772238d ago

Haven't they been trying to do this since Kinect launched?

MaxXAttaxX2238d ago

And the Xbox Mii Avatars.

Cam9772238d ago

Exactly, they've been trying to do it for years.

Moonman2238d ago

I own a Wii and PS3 and plan on getting a Wii U, not an Xbox 360. Sorry Microsoft, never wanted your console at all. I am a Nintendo fan by heart and Sony takes care of the rest for me.

They are about to see how many people didn't buy a Wii this year because they are waiting on Wii U. Also, didn't microsoft cross promote "Wii60" back in 2006??? Look at Just Dance 4 still selling the most copies on Wii despite Kinect....