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Are Tecmo and Team Ninja Alienating PS360 Gamers with Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge?

DualShockers Writes:"Longtime Ninja Gaiden series fans did not keep quiet about their disappointment with Ninja Gaiden 3. The overwhelmingly negative response to the game from fans and critics alike has amounted to a figurative spanking, which has been delivered firmly to the developer’s backside.

However, instead of devising some way to alleviate the disappointment of the thousands of players who invested in the Xbox 360 and or PS3 versions of the game, the devs have decided to reserve many vital additions and adjustments for the Wii U exclusive version of the game, known as Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge." (Culture, Dev, Industry, Koei Tecmo, Ninja Gaiden 3, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, PS3, Team Ninja, Wii U, Xbox 360)

360ICE  +   975d ago
It still looks awful in my personal opinion. I do miss the days of Ninja Gaiden Zigma.
SeraphimBlade  +   975d ago
I said it for Bayonetta 2 and I'll say it again. If a game on Wii U looks good, maybe you should just consider buying a Wii U.
mttrackmaster38  +   975d ago
This isn't the same. It isn't a sequel, it's a non-shitty version of a game many ps3/360 gamers shelled out $60 for. Basically, they were beta-testers.
linkratos  +   975d ago
I agree that it's different than Bayo2, but is it really the same game? I mean if the gameplay and other stuff is so different, can it really be called the same game? Sometimes games just turn out shitty.

If it is possible to patch, they should do that. However, everything I've heard says game is drastically changed, can something like this even be patched?
mysterious_warrior  +   975d ago
Agreed 110%. Although I'm glad I did buy it. But thats whats wrong with developers today
ronin4life  +   975d ago
Supposedly, the dev team was shocked at the negative reaction, so the wiiu version received an overhaul((this may have also influenced doa 5, which before hand was being touted by the producer to be going in a more "realistic" direction with the female cast)

Also keep in mind; Nintendo is publishing and aiding in development. Many of the changes and fixes are likely Nintendo advised and or funded, such as free cod.
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camel_toad  +   975d ago
Yep it was AWFUL. Might give the wii u version a chance through gamefly but no way am I giving Tecmo my money after the "beta test".
lilbroRx  +   975d ago
Actually, this is the same as Nintendo is publishing both games.

That more or less makes the games, case "version" in this case, a 2nd party Nintendo titles. They didn't just up out of nowhere say "HEY LETS RELEASE NINJA GAIDEN ONLY FOR NINTENDO!!!!" Nintendo is helping them foot the bill for development just like Bayonetta 2. That is why its not on the PS3 and 360.

Its funny that for years Nintendo customers got the short end of the stick but no major outlets ever complained in Nintendo's favor. Now, "1" single games becomes " Tecmo Alientating PS360" gamers. 1 game.

This is terrible journalism at its finest.

Thanks to Fatal Frame, Nintendo and tecmo have a good relationship. Now its being spun into a bad thing by bitter fanboys.
DeadlyFire  +   975d ago
PS3/X360 gamers will get a patch no doubt in 2013 or so with DLC to reflect the WiiU content as well. Just wait for it. Greed will hit their mind soon and they will realize those platforms.
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stragomccloud  +   974d ago
I laughed when I saw your disagrees. Fanboyism is truly disgusting this generation. That said, you're right. Instead of thinking, "Maybe I should buy the better console," like a normal human being, people get angry about feeling shunned.
Vandamme21  +   975d ago
I hope they make a sigma version
herbs  +   975d ago
I would not be suprised if Team Ninja becomes a Nintendo exclusive developer after this whole debacle, this improved version will never come to the other consoles because it is published by Nintendo. People should always read reviews or play the demo before they blindly spend there hard earned cash though, if you bought this game and where disappointed its kind of your own fault. I am personally happy this is coming back onto a Nintendo platform because it originally began on the Nes. It's funny because the original Nes Ninja Gaiden 3 didn't live up to its predecessors either, hopefully this version makes up for that lol.
d0nni3  +   975d ago
I suppose it isn't much different to the Sigma versions the ps3 got i wouldn't call it alienating as much as leaving the ps3/360 versions in an awful state, i think those versions are best left alone and take the lessons they've learnt and apply themselves to the next iteration
FlameHawk  +   975d ago
That is so f***ed up. They leave PS360 owners with the broken version. I hate when developers/publishers do this. They are never seeing my money again.
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HellzAssassin  +   975d ago
Agreed, it's pathetic. And us (Ps3/360) owners were the ones that were complaining about how pitiful the game was in comparison to the other NG's in regards to content and sheer quality. It aggravates the living hell out of me because NG and DMC are my two top favourite videogame franchises and both are unfortunately going downhill. I truly hope TN takes all the complaints into consideration and creates a "Sigma" version for the 360/PS3... PLEASE?? ^_^
mysterious_warrior  +   975d ago
I want to know what sane person are disagreeing with FlameHawk and HellzAssassin.
CalvinKlein  +   975d ago
They alienated me when they made NG 3 suck complete ass. I always felt that Itagaki was the heart and soul of the franchise and feared for it when he left.

They confirmed my beliefs and released garbage with the NG name. Now they want more suckers to buy it because they are adding features that should be the standard bare minimum for this series anyways.

In my opinion adding features into a game and still having less to offer than the previous games does not count for improving on a series. Team fake ass ninja wants us to now give them credit for adding stuff to this game taht should have been the bare minimum to begin with.

Adding weapons to this crap game that were already in the previous games DOES NOT count as adding new weapons to the series and is not something they should be proud to give to their fans, tons of returning weapons and new ones that are upgradeable should be standard for the series, not paid DLC or reserved for the "Extra milky milk version to squeeze money out of new console owners" version. Fixing the combat so that is decent again does not count as innovation when great combat was already a standard of the series before these amateurs took over the series.

I wont buy anything from tecmo ever again except for more versions of ninja gaiden 1 and 2 as they were made by the great Itagaki who cared about his games and fans. He would never release NG3 with 1 weapon and all that other stuff removed. He sure wouldnt make it a game for children that takes no skill either, and he would never have added a shit ass multiplayer mode like they did, especially when the Single player portion of the game was unfinished garbage with only one weapon.
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mananimal  +   975d ago

Dude I am shocked so many "disagreed" with what u said, ???!!, You pinned the tail on the donkey with that post.....must be "casual gamers" disagreeing LOL, has to be.
CYBERHATER  +   975d ago
They can take it to a galaxy far far away as far as I am concerned! The game sucked and they know it sucked!
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Kyosuke_Sanada  +   975d ago
What they need to do is fix the broken AI, overpriced DLC and counter system in DOA 5 first before worrying about about the new Ninja Gaiden.....
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Gr81  +   975d ago
Wow. Well I figured the hardcore gamers would have been pleased a game has been made better. I always thought hardcore gamers followed the games not the name on the plastic box.
blackstrr411  +   975d ago
Tecmo trolling
ronin4life  +   975d ago
Players be hatin
... am I doing this right?
Stroke666  +   975d ago
LOL, Buy a Wii U, play it the way it was "supposed" to be played. problem solved. Don't want a wii u, fine whatever floats your boat, but please shut up and stop acting like your 59.99 gives you creative license within the company. youre not a shareholder youre not a co-developer you are a disgruntle consumer. I'm quite sure the people complaining bought the game played through the first level decided it sucked then finished the game. you dont like what you bought return it. team ninja apologized and made i better if you dont want their remedy to the situation kick rocks. I've been a ninja gaiden since NES and i will continue to be. Every game is not going to be exactly what you want it to be, period. if you want that type of spot on catering then start developing for yourself. its one thing to give an opinion but these long winded complaints and threats of boycotts are getting fairly annoying. a game that releases multiplat shouldnt be cookie cut across the board anyway.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   975d ago
You know. You are right, let's not listen to what customers want because every one knows that if no one buys the game they can sell to themselves. Their wages and overhead all comes from the magical gaming god Pixeldaumus and no where tied to sales......

-rolls eyes-
humbleopinion  +   975d ago
Does anyone care?
Tecmo alienated the Ninja Gaiden fans the moment they gave up on Itagaki. NG3 is the result of Team Ninja working without the people who were the heart of Ninja Gaiden.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   975d ago
Best one in this series was on regular Xbox... f**king awesome game... although Alma whooped my ass alot!
JokerFock  +   975d ago
i think this is a fix from NG3 PS3/X360 version, they try to bring NG3 back to the core...i hope the gameplay will be back like NG2
TenkoTAiLS  +   975d ago
How is this different from Sigma 1 & 2 on the PS3 being revised from the 360 originals and receiving gameplay tweaks and an extra character etc. Oh wait...it's not! It's just cause the "directors cut" type version isn't on PS3 people are complaining >.<
Jadedz  +   975d ago
Nintendo's publishing the title
Speaks for itself, doesn't it?
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   975d ago
Wii u should have the best version since they getting the game late
stragomccloud  +   974d ago
Did Xbox gamers feel shunned when Sigma and Sigma 2 released on the PS3? Probably. Should they have? No.

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