Sports Champions 2 (PlayStation 3) Review - Push Square

Push Square: "Sports Champions 2 is some of the most fun you can have with a PlayStation Move controller in your hand. The title is accessible enough to make it a perfect fit for parties, but it boasts enough depth to keep enthusiastic gamers occupied long after everyone’s gone home. The activities are largely well selected, and the calibration improvements are technologically impressive. It’s just a shame that online multiplayer’s still absent, otherwise this would have been an unmissable release."

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Cam9772206d ago

This looks really good, I enjoyed the first one thoroughly.

Tapewurm2205d ago

I agree. The Move is truly underrated. I still use it regulary. It works really well with The Fight: Lights Out, Killzone 3, Reistance 3, Sorcery, both Sports Champions titles, and Socom 4 (not to mention all the rail shooters that it works perfectly for). Hopefully the next gen will just make it that much better.

Cam9772205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

Unfortunately I haven't experienced my MOVE outside of Sports Champions. I'm thinking of buying HOUSE OF THE DEAD from the PS Store's sale because it is dirt-cheap and I would like a decent rail-shooter for it.

mystic862206d ago

nice score, considering Movemodo (move dedicated website) either merged with or became Push Square and they gave the original Sports Champions a 7/10

Neonridr2205d ago

at least Move owners have something to use their controllers for again.

abzdine2205d ago

I dont know why you say this i can imagine you dont have one of these or you just dont know about the games that use the move controller. There are plenty of very good games that work perfectly with the wand.

I think you should said that to the Kinect owners when a game that uses it correct releases.

Neonridr2205d ago

No, I do not have a PS3, so you got me there. I agree, Kinect seems to be a failing technology as well. Great idea, just poor implementation with current hardware. Maybe when next gen comes, Kinect will have a better presence.

I know there are several games out there that support the Move, it's just weird that you aren't seeing it being pushed more with newer releases.

For example, does Black Ops 2 have Move support? Just an honest question.

andibandit2205d ago


Move is as dead as the other move peripherals, dont kid yourself into thinking it's all that.

abzdine2205d ago

The problem with move is that it doesn't have too many 100% dedicated games, it's always in option instead so people dont see why they should buy one even though they sold quite a confortable amount.

But games like Killzone 3, The Fight, Sports Champions 1 and 2, Dead Space Extraction, Start The Party, EyePet for example work extremely well and they make MOVE controller worth buying.

kikizoo2205d ago

Yeah right antibandit, repeat that 100 times, and you 'll really believe it.

but sorry, it's not reality.

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Silly Mammo2205d ago

Been playing this with my son and we're having a blast! Good review. I think other critics are judging this one too harshly.

BitbyDeath2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

How's the boxing handle? Got a favourite sport?
I'm planning to try it out this weekend

WeAreLegion2202d ago

Boxing is very fun. The Fight: Lights Out is your best bet, however, if you want a workout. At least you can move your feet on this one though. Lol. The tennis is a dream. The skiing is a very pleasant surprise...and something that everyone enjoys. The bow and arrow portion works even better than it did in the first game. The golf is the most precise motion control you'll find in any golf game. I highly recommend getting this game. :)

Silly Mammo2205d ago

Boxing is pretty tight. It's not as in-depth (from what I've played) as The Fight: Lights Out, but it's still pretty fun. I really like the bowling. I haven't given golf any real work thru yet.