Get The Most Out Of Assassin’s Creed III

GameInformer- Today marks the release of Assassin’s Creed III, and we suspect a lot of gamers are itching to get home from work or school to get started. The game’s enormous size can be overwhelming; we’ve compiled a list of recommendations, free of spoilers, to help you find your way in the massive game. Check out our advice, and enjoy your trip into the American Revolution and beyond.

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Cam9772206d ago

Here is a tip to get the most from AC3: stay off YouTube!

PersonMan2205d ago

I'm loving this game so far. It's pretty fun!

By the way, is that Nolan North doing the voice for Desmond?

giovonni2205d ago

The game is ok, I'm not enjoying the pace it drags through game play and feel the controls are a lot more cumbersome than the previous ac's

MasterD9192205d ago

It starts off slow for quite some time, you are right...but man, when you get into the heart of the game it gets 10X better. I was shocked to see that Connor's fathers storyline lasted that long...and as far as the controls, they are a pain initially because like me, you're probably used to the other AC games controls, but you catch on pretty fast.

Nothing beats taking down 3/4 of a squad of Red Coats with the hidden blade before the others have time to turn around.

I'm glad I decided to keep going with it. It's definitely the best AC game. One gripe I have is regarding the trees...they should allow for any tree to be climbed to the top. Trudging through the thick snow takes a long time when you are in the Frontier.

giovonni2205d ago

Got you, I'll continue on with it, his father's story is longer than I expected from an ac game

giovonni2203d ago

I'm deeper in, and to be honest, I'm not as pleased with the actual game play. To be honest I've found the controls and camera angles to be a large issue the fact that there is no block button is beyond me and no real detail to polish combat skills are present in the options menu. The story and direction of where it is going is good, but I simply can't get over the cumbersome controls. I feel the assassin asspect of the game are the sloppiest of all the editions.
Maybe it's because I have the game from game fly and don't have the booklet, but I just can't grasp the open combat

braydox212205d ago

aww man i have to wait till the 17th of November to get this Game hopefully will be able to go to rockhampton sooner.