Hands-On Preview: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale | Hardcore Gamer

With less than a month to go before release, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale appears to have everything it needs to not only succeed commercially, but be a great game as well.

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360ICE1845d ago

The Beta is an incredible amount of fun. How they managed to make it so much fun to play as Radec I will never know. Partly because I swore before God not to ever see behind the scenes interviews.

r211844d ago

I'll pound your Radec with Sly >:)

360ICE1844d ago

I'll pound your Sly with Sly. You can forget about Radec :P

Magic_Spatula1844d ago

This game is going to be awesome. Really enjoyed the beta and I hate how people say that Kratos and Radec are OP and too cheap. A really good Sly or Fat Princess player can stop them dead in their tracks. Happened to me a couple of times. Can't wait to get the game.