Watch official Halo 4 multiplayer live stream right now from 343 Industries

"The stream is live from Wed, 10/31, 11:30AM PDT until 1:30 PDT."


Here's the link to the full video - enjoy!

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nrvalleytime1997d ago

Are those... Mechs? Holy crap, I'd forgotten about them.

darthv721997d ago

good old fashioned FUN!

StanLee1996d ago

Gimme! Gimme! Gimmeeeeee!!!!!

Muffins12231997d ago

Holy crap,i just saw a clone teabag a dead body....EPIC

KMCROC1997d ago

Cant wait, five more damn days .

ThichQuangDuck1997d ago

So ready for Microsoft Store Midnight I hope hey open the game early for a tournament

KMCROC1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Who gives a person a disagree for being excited about a game release, really is your life that so (7letters)crappy that you feel better about your sad existences by giving disagrees for positive comments . Do us a favor you EDP hold your breath.

@ThichQuangDuck it just so Effing stupid it just piss me off.

ThichQuangDuck1997d ago

Its N4G man they are not worth the effort when they disagree with personal opinion without commenting their actions speak for them

darthv721997d ago

Nov 6th is election day (unless it gets delayed due to the east coast storm).

I am so over all the political jargon on the tv and radio. If anything, I'd cast my vote for master chief if it would make all this go away sooner.

5 more days.......

Dread1997d ago

Hell YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

I think this game is going to affect the elections in the U.S.

if the republicans win, its probably because there are more democrat Halo fans, or vice versa...


Loki861997d ago

It's going to be Legen....wait for it....dary!

nrvalleytime1997d ago

So Legen - because the game has been promised for so long and we can't wait for it any longer - dary!

smokeyjam1997d ago

anyone get the double xp code from the stream ?!

smokeyjam1997d ago

already been used,
do you know the one they gave out on the stream?!

nrvalleytime1997d ago

^^ that one was used too. However, just grab a bag of Doritos or a bottle of Mountain Dew and voila. 2XP code, and a free case of diabetes.

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