20 Things to do in the first hour of Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Gamesradar- If you've just bought Criterion's latest free-roaming racing game, you'll be eager to get started. But while you install it to your hard drive or whatever else your 'new game ritual' may be, why not flick through our suggestions for things you can do in the first hour? We've got jumps, stunts, crashes and blowouts, many of which earn achievements and trophies! Oh, and (incredibly), they all work on the Vita version too, because the game's layout is identical.

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Fil1012111d ago

Does this game compare to burnout paradise ???

Insomnia_842111d ago

YES! It's more like a Burnout 2 than a Need For Speed, even the introduction with the woman speaking is just like Burnout Paradise.

Wigriff2110d ago

Does it have a crash feature like old Burnout games? If so, i'll be leaving for the store immediately!

Cam9772111d ago

I would say driving and simply enjoying the city is something many of people will do.

WiiUalpha2111d ago

[email protected] it all works on Vita too.... What exactly are you trying to say with that? It'sd almost like you are trying to suggest Vita games are some how inferior if multiplatform, I think MANY Vita owners would disagree with that.

zgoldenlionz2111d ago

I'm a proud vita owner and know its power but for everyone else a lot are still sceptical, so I'm pretty sure it's meant to be a compliment.

Remember there's still lots of Vita haters and the more the media points out the Vitas compitence in multiplat/exclusive games the less people will be able to argue that the Vita is one beast of a machine.

jwk942111d ago

They're trying to say the Vita version wasn't gimped.

NiteX2111d ago

I like driving around finding new cars and billboards to smash.

MilkMan2111d ago

Things to do? Sleep, is one of them.

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The story is too old to be commented.