NowGamer- Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation Review

NowGamer- Liberation is a worthy purchase for those wanting a similar Assassin's Creed experience on their Vita, but muddy textures and gimmicky touch controls drag things down.

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NewMonday2206d ago

Everyone is talking about the similarities with the console game , but how different is it? Other than the persona thing

rpd1232205d ago

Not very. The combat feels exactly the same and the controls are very close to the consoles. The difference comes from the story and setting. But even then you have a main city in this (there are 2 in AC3)and a the bayou (which is like AC3's frontier). They really managed to make it feel like AC3.

DivineAssault 2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

your not someone in a lab either.. The setting is awesome & slaves?? thats just hilarious

CalvinKlein2205d ago

MUDDY TEXTURES???!?!?! This game has some of the best textures Ive seen on vita. Some forced touch controls and sometimes low framerate are the worst things about this game. There are some good touchscreen controls added as well tho.

This game is a real AC game and im surprised how much like the console version of the ac games ive played it is. Same combat, same climbing/free running, same collecting stuff, same viewpoints to climb, same business ventures stuff. But it has a new character, new story, new setting and the persona thing.