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Assassin's Creed 3 Glitches Guide: It's Got a Few Bugs

GameRanx - "Assassin's Creed 3 is the latest title in Ubisoft's long-running franchise and it's got a few bugs that slipped past QA." (Assassin's Creed III, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Lelldorianx  +   724d ago
"Slipped past QA" is probably incorrect - I would guess that it's a time/money issue: The developers didn't have the time to fix the lower priority issues.
hay  +   723d ago
Damn obvious for people who work with commercial software. Patching system made suits in gaming companies more "resource aware".
It's a form of guerilla testing, when you give a product in last phases of testing, to commercial customers to find the problems.

It's cost effective and gives significant coverage. What's a team of 20, when you have a million or two people playing the game.
claud3  +   724d ago
Noting new. And all games be them old or new. Will have bugs and glitches

That's gaming
camel_toad  +   724d ago
I remember back in the old days (when dirt was the latest technology) and console games didn't have the ability to receive patches. They had to actually test thoroughly for bugs back then.
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Blastoise  +   724d ago
Those were good days.

Games just used to like, work.
claud3  +   724d ago
true, but the bugs just like now. Can be exploited and be fun

GTA 3, OBLIVION, SKYRIM to name a few
RedSoakedSponge  +   724d ago
remember guys, games are a lot more complex than they were back then. a lot more complex means harder to make a bug free game.
jd666  +   724d ago
I got stuck in a doorway and had to quit game!!
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Heisenburger  +   724d ago
I got stuck.... in a bush.


Still loving it though!
SAE  +   724d ago
i cant even describe where i got stuck ...

but i went underground just like call of duty
Bathyj  +   724d ago
I'm not very far into it but I've already noticed a rifle floating in the air, the Captain of the ship was talking to me in a cinematic but not moving his lips, and for some strange reason when I was freeing the captives the Y axis on the camera was disabled which made it really hard to look around.
RufustheKing  +   724d ago

LOL the non-moving lips was funny. i got stuck when i was bringing in the captives to the fort so had to restart.
Campy da Camper  +   724d ago
Dude! Same here. First mission to go get that chest thing with my 2 companions and rifle was floating in the air. Also, Captains lips didn't move. Lol, he was face yelling at me kind of funny. He just head bobbed me with vigor...
Bathyj  +   724d ago
At first I thought, who the hells talking to me?
BlmThug  +   723d ago
Gratefully I haven't run into any gamebreaking or even moderate bugs yet :D Although I am taking my sweet time with this game as im still on sequence two and I started playing it since monday so I guess the major bugs may await me for when I progress further into the game
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ZenPoet  +   722d ago
Good luck with the crafting system later. It seems to be busted completely.
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the_hitman3000  +   724d ago
Idk why some sites seem to complain about bugs and glitches in ac3 I mean games like gta saints row, skyrim and rdr all had some bugs thats nothig new. Sorry for the rant its just got reading reviews and how lots of them rated it down to like 7s because of bugs and noticed those others had some to but didn't go so low on some sites just saying lol not trolling
insomniacgamer  +   724d ago
Might be that when you slap $60 down for a game, you expect that it was not pushed out the door with bugs that you know the developers were well aware of (I am not cool with the excuse of it might be patched later on). No matter how you chalk it up it simply is sloppy and disrespectful to your paying customers.

Let's be candid as well, we are not talking about just a couple minor bugs. Some of these numerous bugs are near game breaking at certain points. The game was knowingly released to paying customers unpolished, it fully deserves a 7/10 for that reason alone.
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LinLeigh  +   724d ago
Still doesn't explain why a game as Skyrim got perfect and near perfect scores.

I think scoring down for bugs is the way to go but it needs to be done consistently.
ZenPoet  +   722d ago
How about those poor bastards who don't take their consol online? They just get to have an unpatched broken game.
d3nworth1  +   724d ago
Its an open world game they're always going to have glitches. Number 9 happen to me last night. I was a bout to air assassinate a red coat Connor goes flying like 30 feet in the air. Now that I think about it Red Dead Redemption and Skyrim had the same issue. What is it with open world games super jumps?
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   724d ago
I ACTUALLY do LOVE that games get scored base off of bugs/glitches (well some do)... cause if the games score really low, it'll make game companies/devs. focus more next time insted of probably pumping out a game while saying "oh skip that, we'll patch it later"

Game companies/devs. CARE about those reviews and if they keep getting low while also revealing the games crappiness... it'll put them on the spot to be more thorough next time!
kupomogli  +   724d ago
#6 is hilarious.
Rebo00  +   723d ago
I started playing the game yesterday, about 2hours in i've got the following bugs:
1. On the ship when another ship is seen the voice that shouts 'ship ahoy' or whatever cancels out all ambient background noise.
2. The captain's mouth stopped moving just after the above whilst he continued to speak.
3. Collision detection with horses doesn't work properly, you can go inside them.
4. Lips not moving when character is talking again (happened in the Green Dragon).
5. Camera Angle bugged when riding on the slave convoy, zoomed in. Corrected itself after reloading.
6. Whilst freeing prisoners, after the cinematic part a guard spanwed next to me and failed the mission.
7. Whistling, soldiers close by don't always hear it and if a soldier far away hears it and cannot reach you they just look at you and stop moving or move side to side.
I turned it off after this as I was getting annoyed
Rebo00  +   723d ago
8. Horses spawning ontop of the troph and then getting stuck there.
Pintheshadows  +   723d ago
My favourite so far is Haytham's ability to levitate himself and a dog. Only if he's on decking though.

I've had the lip issue, countless freerunning problems, guards not reacting, levitating guns, npc's disappearing during cutscenes or clipping through another character and a bizzarre instance where a counter animation froze until my enemy got back up.
MasterD919  +   723d ago
The levitating guns are convenient though. You always know where they will be, haha.

Small issues...nothing to go crazy about here. The biggest thing I noticed was when you try to climb a tree in the frontier, you seem to glitch out and then fall off. Does that mean these were meant to be climbed at some point, or...?
XxLuna125xX  +   723d ago
I had a glitch where I was running through the forest in the frontier and everything stopped except for the shadows -_- The shadows still moved but I couldn't move or even turn the camera, I was so annoyed. Evantually I just restarted my Xbox.
XxLuna125xX  +   723d ago
The glitch where everything stops keeps happening to me and its so annoying because I don't know what to do about it except restart my Xbox!
ZenPoet  +   722d ago
Even after what they fixed in the day 1 patch, this game is very broken. Including all that's been mentioned above which I have also experienced (lip synchs off, collision issues, etc) I and everyone I know who has played have come to discover that the crafting system is completely broken. The homestead artisans do not level up when they are supposed to. That means running around with near 100 useless recipes and materials. Meaning you can't augment your character at all. No bigger ammo bags, no special weapons. That's on top of quite a few other major glitches like missions disapearing or not showing up at all (Anyone ever find the hunting cabin?), trying to hop a fence and having Conner jump 100 feet straight up, falling back to his death. The icon denoting an enemy attack not showing up. Cut scenes locking up, extending into gameplay (the game keeps going but doesn't give you back control. Have fun sailing into rocks and dying) and lets not forget that not everyone has their console hooked up to the Internet so they don't even get the day one patch fixes. This is inexcusable.
mattred1984  +   721d ago
I got about 26 hours into assassins creed 3 and i just about start sequence 9 and i was running from one the enemys i left the animus and when i went back i was stuck under ground just falling and die over and over again i cant figure out how to fix it
Stuby911  +   720d ago
I am scared by this glitch. (*SPOILER ALERT*)

Achilles has died in my game, but i still see him walking around the house, saying things like, "Good morning." Its been like this for the past 2 hours of RL time. I even saw him standing on his grave, over looking the town.

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