Take-Two reports fiscal Q2 numbers; Borderlands 2 and XCOM: Enemy Unknown show impressive sales

GameDynamo - "In total, Take-Two made off with revenues of $273.1 million, a notable increase of 155% from the Q2 prior. While that still means that, unfortunately, the company has a net loss, a loss of $12.5 million is a vast improvement over the $123.3 million loss from the same quarter last year."

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Ducky2236d ago

Hmm, it didn't strike me that T2 was behind both Borderlands2 and XCOM.

With the way the release schedule was for both games, you'd think the two games were from competing publishers (despite being different genres)

BlackTar1872235d ago

So glad Xcom is being well received. Now start working on part 2 and add more then one base and multiple enemy bases and make it possible for the aliens to attack my base.

If all that is added game will go beyond :)

vortis2235d ago

...and item micromanagement for people who don't want to play on casual mode.

BlackTar1872235d ago

and item micro management :)

CrazyInsane2235d ago

Does the 5 million copies include digital sales?

Eldyraen2235d ago

Take-Two doesn't get all the attention it deserves IMO so glad it's getting back on track. They publish some really cool games but not all of them are huge sellers (GTA is definitely its biggest name but Borderlands, Red Dead and Bioshock are more my preference). The more money they make the more they can put into backing even more cool new IPs.

Granted was still in the red but a huge improvement and just love many of their games (xcom being the most recent). Next spring should be huge for them though with GTA and Bioshock, even if nowhere near GTA standards it looks great and should sell well). I still want a Red Dead Redemption on PC so I'm sad there isn't one ;(