GDC 2008 Predictions

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "The big Game Developers Conference 2008 is around the corner and one wonders what goodies they'll have at the show. I have some info that was already sent to me that I can't discuss. I do however, have a short list of predictions."

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funkysolo3755d ago

Killzone2, The getaway, 8 days, HOME, LBP, and RE2 and then everything but please some info on 8 days and the get away

wageslave3755d ago

From MS I expect some info on some kind of XNA Games distribution. What form it takes, I dont know...

OC Shock Value3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

My list of Hopefulls in GDC

Starfox Wii
Home PS3
Gears 2
Street Fighter 4
Killer Instinct
Resident Evil 5
God Of War 3 footage
Twisted Metal PS3 footage
Vector Man on Virtual Console
Squaresoft on PSN
360 Slim
300$ PS3
New Jet Moto PS3
Crimson Skies 360
New Wave Race Wii
New Pilot Wings Wii
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Official (crosses fingers)
New Skies Of Arcadia Wii
Powerstone Online

Zip3755d ago

I couldnt agree more

what we definaly needs is a update at following ps3 stuff:

- killzone 2 (progress, trailer, ect.)
- Home (update ect.)
- ect. ingame xbm?
- ps3 "play" tv or whatever it was called lol
- surprises :P

killedinaction93755d ago

Its about time Microsoft announced some exclusives.
If there's no announcement on GoW2 then i doubt its coming out this year,and what the hell happened to UT3??MS and Epic come on,get it together.

Bazookajoe_833755d ago

But epic and MS has issues about the user created content..

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The story is too old to be commented.