Pre-Order Paper Mario: Sticker Star For 25% Off

GR writes: "There aren't many things more satisfying than getting a good deal on a great game, and Paper Mario: Sticker Star is the latest treasure."

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doctorstrange2206d ago

Good, I don't want to pay the sticker price.

insertcoin2206d ago

Sticker Star is going to be amazing. As much as I want a good deal, I might actually give them more money without the code.

BananaEatingSquid2206d ago

I loved that freaking trailer with the goat. This game looks amazing, I'm so ready for it.

knifefight2206d ago

I love the Paper Mario sub-series. So amazing, so fun.

schlanz2206d ago

I already got that deal with Newegg. In fact every Newegg preorder I've got is 25% off (roughly 10 games, woot)