Top 8 Overlooked Horror Games

It's the time for horror games. Everyone knows Resident Evil and Silent Hill, but there are others that are lurking in the shadows. Bago Games checks out the 8 best overlooked horror games.

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amaguli2206d ago

I'm so happy that XSEED announced that they are localizing Corpse Party: Book of Shadows.

Now I just need Nintendo to bring over Fatal Frame IV and Fatal Frame II Wii to the US.

Scissorman822206d ago

Great list, but I wouldn't consider Fatal Frame 2 or Amnesia as overlooked. *shameless plug...

amaguli2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

I always think those two games get left out of the conversation when talking about horror games. Granted, Amnesia is fairly recent, but that is why I think they deserved a spot.

(Also, your list isn't loading for some reason).

Pozzle2206d ago

I'd say Fatal Frame and Amnesia are pretty overlooked when compared to the bigger horror games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

2206d ago
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