Top 15 Halloween Horror Games

A countdown of the top 15 horror games to play this Halloween. Did your favorites make the list?

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Wigriff1845d ago

Friday the 13th was fucking awful. Did you even play it before putting it on the list? Ugh.

CrimsonessCross1845d ago

I remember it being pretty bad as I do remember playing the game on the NES as well, although it was fun dicking around with it. Also had watched some sort of game-play video some time ago on it and....yeah it wasn't that great.

Wigriff1845d ago

The rock was probably the worst weapon in a video game ever. heh. It would lob over everything's head. Who planned that trajectory? lol

Ninferno1844d ago

it does say the game wasnt that good.

tboyshinobi1845d ago

speaking of which, can't wait for Riptide