Staff Picks: Top 10 Scariest Enemies in Video Games

Oprainfall has set out to decide which enemies are the scariest in video games. Unfortunately, something happened along the way and they ended up with this.

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-GametimeUK-2118d ago

The guy from Clock Tower used to scare me.

Cam9772118d ago

I can't think of any horrific examples, but Nemesis from RE3 can be considered 'scary' as it constantly kept me on edge as I didn't know when it would jump out on me.

XXXL2118d ago

Splicers! And definitely sander cohen. Man that dude freaked me out

newn4gguy2118d ago

FINALLY! Somebody put Regenerators on the list. Lol. Those things are terrifying!

jghvhv2118d ago

Just imagine you are in a wood at night and you see this thing looking at you from the bushes! Sorry if this image gives you nightmares.

tromwarrior2118d ago

Put that away. That freaks me out.

jghvhv2118d ago

OK,sorry for scaring you...

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