The Scariest Video Games To Play This Halloween

Well folks, it's that time of year again when your house gets bombarded with kids saying trick or treat, and for gamers it's also a festive time because Halloween festivities hold some fantastic games you should check out. To celebrate the holiday, we at Game-Modo have decided to share with the scariest games we have played.

So now you know what scares the pants of the Game-Modo crew, what games scare you and why?

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GTRrocker6662210d ago

Im playing lords of shadows

GameTechZero2210d ago

Great game dont you think?

GTRrocker6662210d ago (Edited 2210d ago )

Yeah i like it so far. I have a few complaints though. I think they should have done a better job setting up the puzzles. A lot of the time the momentum of the game gets halted when you are thrown in a puzzle section without any instructions at all. The clues that you accept at the expense of xp are usually worthless. This is problematic when there is a puzzle every 5 minutes it seems. I kind of raged a few times when i didnt know what to do. Not because you had to figure out a puzzle, but because you had to do something that you didnt know was possible or you had to perform a specific move that was explained way earlier in the game . Also the camera kind of sucks during combat.

Other than that it is a great game. A little hard at times but i like that. There is also great variety in setting, bosses, and enemies. Love the art direction: I like how it jumps from dreamlike fantasy forests etc to gothic castles etc.

dragonrage002210d ago

No offense but LOS shouldnt be here. Im not judging its quality, but isnt this article supposed to be about horror games? Wtf is LOS doing there? That said I plan to pick up Amnesia. Every comment Ive read about it says its gonna scare the hell out of you.

GTRrocker6662210d ago

Los is on here because it has a halloween vibe with all the vampires and creatures. I agree it isnt a scary or horror game but it has monsters.

NukaCola2210d ago

LoS is so underrated. A brilliant game and one of the longest and most beautiful action adventure (RPG-lite) of this gen. Im getting LoS2 day one!

SilentNegotiator2210d ago (Edited 2210d ago )

85 on Metacritic. Million sold.

"Under-rated"? BS. Quit abusing the English language, son.

TXIDarkAvenger2210d ago

Bought a bunch of horror games during the Steam Halloween Sale.

wastedcells2210d ago

Any 360 game cause I'm about to get RROD. Again! And right before halo. Better hold up!

ExCest2210d ago

That title picture was pretty spooky. It scared the panties off of me. Whatever game that was, it wins!

GamerElite2209d ago

what color was your panties

ExCest2209d ago

As blue and striped as the wonderful goddess of Nymphohynessthethirdoftheimaap ervertwholiketoknowwhatcolorpan tiesthatsomeonehas