Australasian Gamers Demand Response from EA - An Open Letter

From Geekpulp: "I am very disappointed with the decision that was made by EA in the USA (as are many others) to remove the online multiplayer functionality of Medal of Honor - Heroes 2 for the Wii. As you might have been aware this was the one feature that had been anticipated by thousands of Wii owners in Australia and New Zealand. The Wii does not have many games that offer a competitive online environment, so removing what was promised to be a great asset to the Wii line-up came as even more of a blow. I have a few questions that will not get answered without going directly to the source..."

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SparkyNZ3724d ago

How can such a important part of a game be scrapped at the last minute. (maybe not scrapped last minute but announced last minute)

I wont be picking this title up for this reason alone.

spandexxking3723d ago

EA need to rethink the way they working

PS360WII3723d ago

Yes that is pretty bunk to take out a much touted feature such as the 32 player online multiplayer. I'm pretty sure most who've bought it got it for that one reason. I know I did.

games4fun3723d ago

dont like the wii but that is uncalled for, they had a whole video on how great and smooth the online would be and then they just remove it talk about a marketing headache.

Also tho i may not like the wii as a gamer i'm very annoyed at such an underhanded tactic (talk about a great integral feature and remove just before release) they probably decided to scrap it earlier but they wanted the sales of the uninformed who didnt get the memo

BigKev453723d ago

Who cares, USA will kick your butt.

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