Rumour Busting?: Surfer Girl says Apple isn't making a console

According to Surfer Girl, Apple isn't making a console...but something game-related will be showing up.

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InMyOpinion3755d ago

Something about being vague. I bet Nintendo's next console will be game-related too.

Jdoki3755d ago

Wow Jenzo! With that sort of 'insider knowledge' perhaps you should create a poorly designed blog and fill it with vague and usually obvious predictions!! :)

If you need any help I have some super secret insider knowledge myself... Microsoft will publish some games during 2008! AND Nintendo are working on a successor to the DS to be released -sometime- in the future. AND, get this, Killzone 2 will be exclusive to PS3... Yeah, really!


InMyOpinion3755d ago

This is a little hush hush.

Metal Gear Solid 4 will have a playable character nick-named after a certain reptile that has no legs and is known for swallowing it's prey.

In 2008, EA will release a soccer/footie game called FIFA '09.

Mario will star in the next Mario game.

Jdoki3755d ago

Just to speculate a bit...

iTunes as a 'Steam' type distribution channel for PC, Mac and mobile games perhaps? (They are already there with iPod games).

Maybe they are thinking of also incorporating a Windows Live or NGage type of thing for iPods/iTouch/iPhone and other mobile phones?

Whatever they do I'm less than interested unless it's innovative and radical and unique!!! The console and PC markets are crowded enough, mobile games are exploding and my wallet could do with out more choice!!! :)

Julie3755d ago

Who or what is Surfer Girl? i am getting more confused in here, sorry i am new :(

Jdoki3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Surfer Girl is a person or persons who post industry secrets, rumours and gossip.

Stick the name in the search bar and you'll see plenty of stories posted here with lots of juicy info.

Also, this link speculates a bit on the info she gets.

Oh, and welcome to the site... You can pick up your Sony fanboy Blu-Ray gun on the left, or your Xbox fanboy RRoD flame thrower on the right, and if Nintendo is your fave we have wet fish available on ilse 3! :)

InMyOpinion3755d ago

She'd write anything for a hit of crack.

Julie3755d ago

Thx for the welcome :D , i like all systems PC too!!!

bootsielon3755d ago

I have insiders that SHE doesn't know, that told me "Apple is making a console". THERE.

It's a lot easier to start rumors than debunking them. Is she debunking it or simply stating "Apple isn't" without proof? Oh, I forgot, her word is "proof".

ban fans3755d ago

The video game market is pretty saturated at the moment. I don't feel there is a need for another console. I would hate to see the market split four ways. Yes, I believe competition is good, but I think that four would just make each slice of the pie too small. With the high cost of development now, exclusives will become harder sells for profit if people have to choose between a greater number of consoles. That would mean less exclusives, and to me, exclusives are what keep the market competitive. The picky differences in multi-platform games make no real gamer jump from one platform to the next because, if you own one system, you will not see those differences anyway.

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