Demo dated for DmC: Devil May Cry "Ninja Theory’s reboot of Capcom’s classic action series, DmC: Devil May Cry is set to arrive at the beginning of next year on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3."

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RmanX10002207d ago

Definately going to try this day 1. I dont care if Dante looks like crap, if it plays good then im buying it.

Lovable2207d ago

Same but then again this is Ninja Theory we're talking about...

Captain Qwark 92207d ago

i cant wait, this game has looked great to me from the beginning. except dantes look of course lol but its tolerable

Jinkies2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

"I dont care if Dante looks like crap, if it plays good then im buying it."

You obviously have no idea why people are upset do you, it's not just about the hair how many times does it have to be said. It was the first complaint when it was first shown off but with so much info now on the game we have a ton more complaints not to mention how arogant and ignorant Capcom/Ninja Theory are about this game and the amount of horrible things they've said about the franchise and it's fans.

colonel1792207d ago

Could you or someone name some of the complaints besides the hair?

I have only played DMC 4, and I liked it. I've never been a fan of the series, but I am liking this game, so I suppose I am a new fan, with this new reboot.

OptimisticPrime2207d ago

Fanboys like you make gamers look bad. Quit being so aggressive and condescending. He said he might like the game. I've been a fan of the whole series and I think this game looks very good.

We get it. You like the old games. Then go play those again and keep the rest to yourself. What gives you the right to talk down to anyone else, about anything?

It looks like ninja theory has made a solid game. Fan boys will bitch but nearly every single gaming journalist who has gotten hands on time with it says it plays awesome and that they went from skeptical to fully on board.

Jinkies2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

Why should I, all the complaints have been said a hundred times on this site alone. Go through past DmC articles if you want to know, I really can't be arsed repeating what people have already said before. Seriously if you really think there isn't any complaints about this game other then the hair comment then your just lying to yourself


LOL, how does my comment make me look like a fanboy, take a look below at GrahamGoldens comment, if it was something like that fair enough but it isn't.

Seriously you guys who like the look of the game or wernt a fan of past DmC games always have to bash peoples opinions down for not liking it when we have solid reasons not to. I mean the first thing you said was fanboy and you know when that happens it's really because the person can't think of anything else to say about something to counter their comment, it's the same with the "Your a troll" remark.

EDIT: Who says I'm butthurt, just pointing out the facts. As I said theres more to it then just the hair, thats a fact, not being butthurt, as I was saying before your really grasping at straws in this argument, you can't think of anything to say so your trying your hardest to come up with stuff, stuff which isn't true. I couldn't care less what journalists think about the game, we all know what goes on behind closed Capcom needs this game to succeed so they'll do anything to achieve that, they would of done the same to RE6 if they knew it was going to get bad scores.

"I also said I was a fan of all the original games"

Yeah...well anyone can say that. How do I know your just saying that to make it LOOk like my point has no meaning.

OptimisticPrime2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

You're a fanboy cause you're all butthurt by them changing elements of a game that has outdated mechanics. You said to look through past articles for the other complaints? The first batch of articles you find through the tag is about how a "reboot is just what they needed" and "how dmc turned public opinion around!" And other generally positive articles. People who actually have jobs related to the field are praising the game while the kids who like to complain on the Internet bash the new mechanics, the new aesthetics and the developers.

I also said I was a fan of all the original games as well so your last point doesn't make much sense

yami9302207d ago


Well basically, most likely everything you saw and played in Devil May Cry 4 will not be seen in this DmC game, the reboot is basically a new Devil May Cry / Heavenly Sword inspried IP that only keeps the names of the characters, enemies and weapons. Everything looks different (art style / graphics, Unreal Engine 3) , the feel is different (feels easy to me, dont know what difficulty they put the demos but getting S ranks are just easy just as staying in the air forever for combos are too, and there is the morphing city), the characters just are different (voice, look, personality etc.) and the story is different (The Order which is led by new Virgil is in search of Dante to have him hopefully join them to get rid of the demons together).

One of the only major complaints for Devil May Cry 4 was you only got to play as Dante for half the game, and now in this new reboot, you dont get to play with him at all.

OptimisticPrime2207d ago

There it is. The good ol' kid on the Internet complaining about how companies want to make money. Not really worth arguing with you anymore since you clearly have no sense.

Yes. Money is how companies thrive, fuck's sake. This complaint of "evil companies that only think about bottom dollar" shit needs to stop. Good games sell. More sales mean more $$$. Therefore the only thing a lust for money is doing is encouraging developers to keep making polished games.

Also, if it was money grubbing wouldn't they try to please the most people possible? Not a divisive redesign?

Blacktric2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

So many Tameem lovers here. Not surprising though.

"Fanboys like you make gamers look bad."

u dun liek diz gaem so u must be a fenboi lelelele

"You're a fanboy cause you're all butthurt by them changing elements of a game that has outdated mechanics."

Goddamn you people are disgusting...

Blacktric2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

Also, obligatory.

Have fun cause I personally can't wait to play as Donte The Demon Killer. I hope they give us a Tameem outfit and Donte Must F*ck You mode.

VileAndVicious2206d ago

Cant wait for the demo personally, Ive been following this game for some time. Hope it plays well and has a good story. Thats all I care about.

Sevir2205d ago

The nerve of you whinny bitching kids who think you're entitled to ever god damn thing on this planet. IF YOU HATE THE GAME SO MUCH AND HAVENT PLAYED IT to know how it feels or stands up to the previous DMC games! NEWS FLASH, Go buy the HD collection for 20 bucks and shut the Hell up. at this point the bitching has turned moot, it holds no water and the only thing you are all bitching about is hoping the game fails because you dont like the fact that Dante looks different.

This site is swarming with pricks like you who bitch and whine for no damn reason it may have been legitimate 2 years ago when what they showed wasn't ready for the public but after playing the game in NYC I share the same validations as the press who've seen and experience it. The Game fucking Rocks. you're opinions on the matter have no weight because you haven't played it. you only judge from trailers and youtube video's in high compression.

RyuX192202d ago

Jinkies, apparently you are fanboy if you don't like being disrespected by a company. Who cares what OptimisticPrime has to say you are right in my book.

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GrahamGolden2207d ago ShowReplies(1)
s8anicslayer2207d ago

good month to be a gamer!!!

timeon111111111112207d ago

Going to try this shit to see if it's as good as ass kissing "reporters" claim it to be.

ArtDemon2207d ago

I really wanna play this even if dante's design looks lame. If its fun and the story is as good as other ninja theory games im all up for it

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