All PS3 HD collections are 50% off at GameStop until November 14

GameStop is running a promotion from Nov. 1 to Nov. 14 where all PowerUp Rewards members (free and paid) can get all of the Sony specific HD Collections made for the PS3 at 50 percent off their normal price. Including the newly released Killzone collection. Remember this is a sale on only first party Sony collections, so no third party collections like the Metal Gear Collection.

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Snookies121636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

So we're talking 10 bucks for Jak & Daxter collection? I think I'll take a little trip to Gamestop tomorrow.... Lol

Cam9771636d ago

I wish there was a GameStop shop near me! I would've bought SPLINTER cell, J&D with R&C.

darthv721636d ago

I had jak/daxter collection in my hand at target for $20. i said, i better wait. i dont need it right now.

Looks like i'm done waiting.

Majin-vegeta1636d ago

Let my early Christmas shopping commence ;D.

GasTankKiller1636d ago

Looks like I'm picking up the Killzone collection.

Xof1636d ago

Does that include the ZOE Collector's Edition I spent $60 on yesterday?

Omegabalmung1636d ago

Only for first party titles.

Soldierone1636d ago

Dangit, still waiting for the dang MGS collection on Vita to go on sale. Gamestop near me has literally put EVERY single other Vita title on sale....

Cam9771636d ago

Just buy it from the Ps store as I did.

Skate-AK1636d ago

Maybe he only have a 4gb card.