Halo 4 multiplayer will have join-in feature, netcode modified from Reach

GB: Halo 4′s netcode will be a heavily modified version of what we saw in Halo: Reach, and several new feature such as the ability to join into ongoing multiplayer games will also be included in the upcoming shooter to make it more accessible to all fans.

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MrGunny941943d ago


I've been waiting for this feature for so long... So many times i joined a game and people just left and i went against 5 other players

This is a very welcome change very nice 343!

grahf1943d ago

I hear ya. I borrowed Halo 3 and tried a few matches of Slayer... its frustrating when people drop, on either side. Its no fun hunting a sole survivor, and its no fun getting gang attacked for 50 kills.

nrvalleytime1943d ago

This is great news. Unbalanced games was the biggest hindrance to enjoying Reach online - knowing that sides will be balanced automatically in-game will make games far more enjoyable.

CarnageXB1943d ago

Does Halo 4 have a Campaign matchmaking feature? most of my friends dont play halo anymore and I dont like playing the campaign by myself. Itll be easier to just search for other players in the game.

CalvinKlein1943d ago

reach did, so I guess this one will too probably. Should also have firefight matchmaking like reach did as well.

turnerdc1943d ago

Halo 4 doesn't have firefight.

FarCryLover1821943d ago

I am just glad that Halo 4 is definitely a true successor to Halo 3.

OneAboveAll1943d ago

It would be even better if it were like Battlefield 3 where the game had dedicated servers. This is a competitive game and relying on someone else's connection is pretty crap.

Parappa1943d ago

I have to disagree. Halo is not a competitive game at all. It's a generic sci-fi run & gun shooter. Nothing is competitive about auto-aim.

greenpowerz1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

What do PS3 fanboys know about halo anyways?

General Shrooms1943d ago

All console FPS's have auto aim

Lvl_up_gamer1943d ago

I seem to only see MS and 3rd party FPS IP's in big scale competitions where gamers actually make money by competing.

Halo has been in MLG for a long time. I have even seen MLG Halo coverage on a Sports Network actually showing replays.

If a game makes the highlight reel on a sports network...then I would say it's competitive.

braydox211942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

that was unecessary. 343 have innovated halo and improved it onto a larger scale and you want to drag it down. shame on you sir.

dillydadally1942d ago

Halo doesn't even have auto-aim. It has aim assist. There's a huge difference. Aim assist is in every console shooter. Now stop trolling Halo articles Parappa when you don't even know anything about the game.

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