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AtomicGamer writes:

"For years now, EA has floated the Need for Speed brand on a particular style of action racing that throws out the realism and keeps in the fun, while at least giving the cars a weight and feel that's predictable and exciting. Nearly every car in every NFS game is fun to drive, even if simulation aspects were only really explored in the underappreciated Need for Speed SHIFT games from Slightly Mad Studios, but I can't fault EA for bringing Criterion in to help with what is possibly the most well-known name in video game racing period. This went fairly well with 2010's Hot Pursuit revival, which Criterion turned into nearly as much of a versus-style multiplayer deathmatch as an actual racing game. Alright, deathmatch might not be the right word - guns or explosions didn't come into it at all - but it did pit players against each other in an adversarial way with cops on one side, racers on the other, and lots of deployable powerups to go between. Now, they're back after two years to deliver Most Wanted, another revival of NFS history - this time they're going back to the 2005 original to draw inspiration and jack the name - to deliver a little more racing with high-speed chases with the police AI. The result is far from a sim and it's loud, flashy, and sometimes a little too in-your-face, but it certainly gets the job done."

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