PSU: New Wardevil Screenshots and Details

PSU Writes:

"Only a week after our first Wardevil Update, the Digi-Guys have released new images showing off the further changes to Wardevil Project, as well as providing us with some new information."

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cellypower3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

..........2nd time

sonarus3538d ago

lol f u alcapone u beat me to it. meanwhile looks like this one might be AAA. Wonder when its supposed to be released hopefully its this yr

Robotz Rule3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

Alcaponeyou,you killed it hardcore lol!;)

Bathyj3538d ago


I'm so unoriginal.

nix3538d ago

the seventh one. q:

antoinetm3537d ago

why are you pple exited, there is nothing WOW about those SS, except for the low res textures on the models O_o

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Le-mo3538d ago

Judging from the amount of enemies on screen it looks like a run and gun game? The graphics look amazing, but I'm a little skeptic about the gameplay. Waiting for some gameplay video.

NoUseMerc3538d ago

The developers keep reassuring me that the gameplay will blow you away! They said that no one will have ever seen a game like this and should set a new bar for graphics and gameplay.

Peekay3538d ago

NoUseMerc - Kudos to you guys for getting these exclusive pics.
Very Impressive.

sonarus3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

Nousemerc it says there is a blu ray cgi movie and the in game graphics should be the same...clarify do they mean cinematics and gameplay will be the same or there will be a movie released on blu ray based on the game.
edit: never mind went to the site looks like its a game and a movie. I am a little skeptical about the movie unless its packaged with the game video game movies are hardly ever any good. Plus the resources spent on making the movie could be spent on making a more cinematic game. I dont want to criticize am sure they know what they are doing but i jst think it would be better to go for a cinematic game vs a movie and a game

NoUseMerc3538d ago

The Digi-Guys are looking to have the games graphics and animation on par with the CGI movie. They said that they are trying out new stuff and really going to push the PS3 to get the most out of it.

sonarus3538d ago

@nousemerc. At this point will it be safe to say the game will comeout this yr for sure?

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TheHater3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

Why aren't we getting a video at GDC for? WTF? Dammit, I really wanted to see this game in action.but either way, this is a must have for me.

jwatt3538d ago

They said they wont be at GDC but they will update thier website around the same time. Graphics look good but we have to see what the gameplay is like.

pcouns203538d ago

This looks amazing, I really cant wait for this and the movie.

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