Crisis Core: FFVII Episode 2 released

Square Enix has finally launched the official Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII website which now includes a lot of information about the game. The company has also released the second episode which is focused on Genesis and Sephiroth.

According to the website a new trailer of the game will be released prior the game's release in March.

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Bonsai12143689d ago

not going to lie. that Junon gun fight scene nearly made me cream my pants when i first watched it last fall. Sepheroth is so badass, and he's not crazy yet!!

Marceles3689d ago

yeah that fight was matter how much Genesis charged his sword up Sephiroth was still more powerful. Everyone who didn't import it is really going to be in for a treat in March

TheSadTruth3689d ago

so who's this guy with the red hair and what exactly is Crisis Core? It's not an RPG is it? Just another cash in on the FFVII name right?

Aleusia3688d ago

No, I think Square Enix has made up for their terrible rip offs and made Crisis Core pretty legit. I heard it was like 35/40 in japan, that's at least an 8/10 in the states.

Crisis Core is definately legit.

kira9893689d ago

Another one winged Angel I see..

Very interesting!!

Aleusia3689d ago

Anybody who thinks or says that Sephiroth looks too girly or that he looks homosexual can go f*ck themselves, he's better than your generic alien bad guy that you see in most shooting games or the typical ex-marine who went insane..also from shooting games.

So f*ck you if you don't like Sephiroth. I see people talk so much horrible sh*t on such a great character and quite frankly I'm sick of it.

Odiah3688d ago

He's totally bangable

permutated3688d ago

Awful version of One Winged Angel.

The original was AMAZING.