Japanese Hardware/Software Sales 10/22-10/28, Vita hits 5k again

The media create hardware sales for 10/22 through 10/28 are out.

As usual the Vita slides down even more but this week the only platform to see an increase is the 3DS with everything going down a little bit.

Borderlands 2 and Dark Souls both debut strong.

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browngamer412211d ago

The 3DS is just killing in Japan-Hopefully Nintendo will start seeing similar success here in the states soon with the holidays starting to kick in...Sony really could use some kind of spark for the Vita I would like to see it succeed, competition breeds innovation-Mobile games are garbage we really need to support dedicated handhelds!

FriedGoat2211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )

Indeed, Vita is great and I think its just luck of the draw that it's not selling. I way prefer it to my 3DS.

tubers2211d ago

luck of the draw? That doesn't make too much sense.

Nintendo 3DS sales: 23,453

Nintendo 3DS XL sales: 38,089

PSV: 5,806


r212211d ago

It sucks that the vita isnt doing well in Japan but on a positive side, its doing quite well in the American and European regions. I base this on VGchartz so forgive me if im wrong.

mrbojingles2211d ago

Not trying to be pessimistic on the Vita, but you think 40k-60k per month in North America is doing well?

That's setting the bar very, very low.

r212211d ago

Well at least its outselling the PSP in those regions where as in Japan, the PSP is outselling it which i find rather odd but understandable, there isnt enough JRPGs to grace the vita and attract and convince Japan gamers.

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LX-General-Kaos2211d ago

The Nintendo 3DS entertainment system has done a fantastic job for another week within the land of the rising sun. Being the only gaming platform in an entire region seeing a positive increase in sales says a lot about the platform and consumer demand for the Nintendo product line. Outselling all competing platforms combined, cementing its place as the number 1 on the go dedicated gaming hand held device for the loyal Japanese gamer.

Nintendo looks to move into the holiday season with a positive vibe and great fortune backing their production line. I predict a massive percentage increase as we slide closer and closer to Christmas in the coming weeks. And as deals and bundles become available for the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system.

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chukamachine2211d ago

Kewer the PS3 has been outselling the wii and 360 in japan for along time. PS3 Outsells wii and 360 in europe as well.

Only place 360 has is america, and the wii soon won't sell anything.

Wii u will sell 40million lifetime.

ronin4life2211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )

Nintendo expects to sell around 5.5 million wiiu by the end of March. Let's pretend they can manage this: If sales maintain, we are talking about 22 million by years end, and 44 million by the end of 2014, when the next ps/xbox will most likely release against a strong selling wiiu with a deep library.

While it may not sell very well(who knows at this point) there are a couple of points to consider; 1), Nintendo is a long lasting company. They Know what they are doing, and that estimate isn't pulled out of their ass for no good reason and 2) if they are wrong and the wiiu bombs, then don't expect any other home console to do any better.

eagle212211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )

Nah, 140 million since anyone can be a psychic. :)

3DS is already around 25 million WW from 2011 launch! Nintendo is selling like crazy and momentum will increase for both 3DS and WiiU very soon.

Moonman2211d ago

And what will Vita sell lifetime? You had better say less than 40 million lifetime than you predicted for Wii U. Oh, unless sony does a 20 year lifespan this time.

Wouldn't be surprised to see Wii U pass Vita lifetime in 2 months.

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