PS3 In Game from the Australian Website.

"Friends and Messaging >>
Use your unique Online ID to stay connected with your PLAYSTATION®Network friends. Talk with others during game play, say hello anytime you're online, or have a video chat with an EyeToy® USB Camera and headset (each sold separately)."

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sonarus3784d ago

damn u guys dnt give up do you. 1st they took it off you guys got a google cache then u finally hunted it dwn off the australian netwrk.

mighty_douche3784d ago

Thats some nice digging there dronde!

Im starting to believe it might actually be coming soon.

Ice3784d ago

Hoping they announce it at gdc. I dont care if its the whole xmb though that'd be nice, but I hope it's music too. Being able to communicate with friends during game play is at least a start and the best one to start with if anything.

joydestroy3784d ago

dude, that would be so sweet. any in game XMB would be awesome, especially music. PS3 owners are gonna go nuts when it comes.

nix3784d ago

the current soundtracks in Burnout Paradise sux! and oh... PS3 is the only media player in my living room. got rid of the old DVD player and my comp is in another room.

SuperTanker3784d ago

I wonder if Criterion already knew that custom soundtracks would be coming to the ps3 soon, also, so they left it out of the ps3 version of burnout. Let's hope they announce in-game music/chat at GDC.

Kleptic3784d ago

agreed 4.2...DJ automica and the soundtrack of that game are what have kept me from purchasing it so far...I know at some point there should be support for my own music (and hopefully a patch to shut that DJ up completely)...

but if we get this feature soon, it will be the next game I buy...same with Motorstorm...awesome racing...horrible music selection (although not as bad as Paradise)...this stuff needs fixed...

with that said though...the first feature I want is in game messaging and invites/join stuff...If we get that soon, I will be able to wait a bit longer for in game music no problem...

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chrno63784d ago

Logically Sony will implement this feature before the release of gta4.

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The story is too old to be commented.