Game Muse offers it's Wii U Impressions

So we all know the Wii U is coming out next month, but the main question on everyone’s mind is- Is it going to be any good, and will it hold up to the current gen of consoles, or the next gen. Well we’ve had a chance to play the Wii U and we’ve got to say, were heartily impressed.

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1upgamer992210d ago

I am sure that Microsoft and Sony are going to do some kind of gamepad now. And no I don't mean smartglass or Vita, but something else. Sony keeps saying Vita/PS3 can do the same thing as Wii U. Really Sony? Okay well where are the games that can do it then? Vita has been out for awhile now and I have not seen Sony push the interaction between PS3/Vita.

Jadedz2210d ago

Nintendo can also utilized Wii U/3DS functionality.

Monster Hunter TriG HD will feature this setup, so at least Capcom notices :P.

WiiUalpha2210d ago

Nintendo isnt talking about that because they already know it is an inferior method. The Wii U was built from the ground up for 2 screens. The PS3/Vita combo was not for example. While it can immitate some of the Wii Us features, it cannot do them all and it cannot do them as good as Wii U. For example updating the second screen. ON Wii U it is going to be faster than PS3/Vita because it was designed from the start to do so its not having some extra code shoehorned in year after it was developed.

1upgamer992210d ago

You are right! Nintendo has been linking their handhelds to consoles for years! :)

millzy1022210d ago

the first game was windwaker I think, with the tingle tuner for gba and ff crystal chronicals is an early example. on a seprate not gameboy player for hc was great they should a ds player for Wii u as it can function like a ds.

jmc88882209d ago

I don't necissarily agree with this as Smart Glass and Vita are piss poor alternatives to it.

Plus people are forgetting the #1 reason that the Wii U will successfully get game devs to use it....EVERY Wii U will have one.

It's obvious it's impossible for the 360/PS3 to do this, especially this late into the cycle.

Microsoft and Sony need to design something completely different, as their solutions aren't solutions to it.

So we have multiple reasons why it's most likely not going to happen.

1. They think what they have is a competitor to the gamepad when it isn't. It simply doesn't compare, and if Sony and MS think they can fool people into thinking it is, then they aren't focused on making a new one that actually competes, and if they are aren't focused on that, it won't happen anytime soon.

2. Again Smartglass and Vita are standalone, and thus even if they 'announced' something that incorporates them into trying to do some of the things of the gamepad, the install base will be really low. Game devs aren't going to spend the money tailoring to these features because no one will have the hardware to use it. Sure some will, but not many. With the Wii U, Nintendo can guarantee EVERY game sold for the Wii U will have a gamepad that can take advantage of those special features.

3. The Wii U gamepad has been out (knowledge wise) for a while now, and if they had planned to copy it for the next gen, it would be known by now. At least most likely. It just doesn't jive with the talk about smartglass and vita. So it would take years if they decided today to do it, and while it's roughly 1-2 1/2 years before we get a 720/PS3 (or both), the time to design, test, and manufacture it in enough quantities to ship one with every system already isn't there if the 720 comes out next fall. If it comes out 1 1/2 yeas from now, it's probably too late, if it's 2 years from now, it's probably right at the limit. If they don't get these in the hands of every 720 or PS4 user, then it's not likely to work.

4. The 720/PS4 cannot be high priced. In bubble economy days people were pissed how much the PS3 cost, and so neither can hit that price (even though the dollar has devalued by 2/3rds since then). You also have Microsoft not wanting to take another billion dollar charge because of faulty equipments (see extended warranties due to RROD).

4 continued....So the PS4 and 720 themselves are not going to push PC's in terms of performance, and thus the price is important. But they also don't want to make it too similar power wise to Wii U, which is unavoidable really, so they are trying to find that medium spot that is really hard to do. They can't make it 'not expensive' AND 'hugely more powerful than the Wii U'. They can't even make it 'hugely more powerful than the Wii U' regardless of price, but even with price considerations they won't be able to.

But here's the kicker... the 720 is not only going to have the Kinect 2, but most likely the hand device for precision manipulation bundled with every 720.

So you tell me how they don't sell it at very much of a loss, make it powerful yet reliable, bundle it with a Kinect 2 and hand manipulator, ship a Wii U style gamepad that they aren't making - let alone a smartglass which is what they are touting, and keep the price around $399-$499.

It's impossible.

jmc88882209d ago

Now we don't know what Sony will do. The move is technically good, especially if they get a better PS EYE. The Vita doesn't make sense, though they could take the guts of it, add some stuff and make a different yet similar piece of tech, but I don't see that as happening. Most people think they are going to try to put the most powerful set of tech in their system, and that alone will make it pretty expensive. Even if it doesn't deliver much better performance than the 720, and not significantly better than a Wii U.

So while that doesn't mean they won't scramble to do a a gamepad at some point, I still think they are being idiots and think they have a competing product, or an illusion of one to sell, when they clearly don't.

We saw them in midstream create the Kinect and Move because of the Wii's motion controls, so yeah, they will respond at some point, but I don't think it's going to be at console launch, and if they don't put it with the console so everybody has one, it's ripe for failure.

So while they probably will bring one out midstream in a reaction way like they did with Move and Kinect, it's not going to work really well for MS/Sony. Because people will have to buy those items separate, and the first 1-3 years that people buy consoles they won't even have an option to pick one up. So the software won't engage with it like the Wii U gamepad.

I don't think Sony and MS can properly compete with the gamepad angle until the PS5/xbox 1080. The first time they can make sure every person has one. They're going in a different direction, well at least MS is confirmed to be with Kinect 2 and hand manipulator.

Sony and MS should read between the lines and rethink what they are doing. They're rushing into next gen with slightly more powerful units than the Wii U...late, and without a gamepad, with more expensive units. The fanbase is there with all three consoles (and people like me who like all three companies). But considering we aren't even at 'next gen' with top of the end PC gear, it just seems like it would be best to wait a couple of years and THEN start the process with a console coming out 3-5 years from now. Then they catch Nintendo on the way down, they'll have powerful stuff compared to nintendo that is cheap yet is actually next-gen...perhaps even native 4k capable, and have time to design and compete with the Wii U gamepad.

It's pretty sad when the consoles are coming out year(s) from now, but you already know what the console should be, but won't be. That to get the things that should be considered 'next gen', you are going to have to wait for 'next, next gen', because the unreleased consoles won't have them.

But they'll still be fun nonetheless. Though, will it appeal enough in a great depression for all three to make money? Hard to say. What I do know is the Nintendo is first to market, cheaper, with the ability to go even cheaper when the competition finally hits, and with unique tech the competitors won't have. All at the cost of one or so notches in PC settings of a game (i.e. very high settings instead of ultra settings)