Big Update for Vista Leaves Little Changed For Mainstream Users

Microsoft plans next month to roll out the first major update to its Windows Vista operating system, which was introduced in January 2007. There have been a number of smaller patches to Vista, but this one, called Service Pack 1, is pretty large, a 65-megabyte download, and includes hundreds of small fixes and improvements, including some performance gains.

The arrival of a large update like this isn't a sign of trouble, or even unusual. Microsoft has routinely issued these large "service packs" periodically for Windows. And just this week, its competitor, Apple, unleashed an even larger update for its new operating system, Leopard.

Mossberg writes:
"SP1 doesn't resolve some of the most annoying flaws in Vista, including slow start-ups and reboots, and a security system that nags you too much and requires add-on anti-virus software. I guess these problems will either never be fixed fully or will have to wait for SP2."

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mega_dranix3778d ago

"Over an hour to install..."

Okay, I'm going back to XP. That 1 hour install would have been justified if ya fixed the performance and speed issues but nevermind.

bumnut3778d ago

i won't move to vista until there are clear benefits upgrading

Nodoze3778d ago

This guy is about as exciting as watching snails race. He gets paid for that video? If I were his copy editor I would advise that I would take money out of his pocket for each "um' and 'uh'. As such he would not be making much money as um and uh account for about every other word.

Um Windows Uh Vista Um service uh Pack um 1, or uh SP um 1.

PAINFUL to watch someone who cannot even speak properly.

Skynetone3778d ago

maybe because theres 66 programs running in the background and thats a new machine

i dont like when i open a program, i get a warning if i want to exe this program {hell yeah i want it to open i just pressed it didnt i}

Marriot VP3778d ago

you can turn the UAV off very easily, just google it.

Skynetone3778d ago

id just like to be able to tell it that this program is safe and allow it in the future {like my firewall}

JosefTor3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Yeah... you can disable the UAC easily. I'm not quite sure why they have it in the first place. It is a GREAT concept but... pro users mostly will turn it off because they know what they are opening and can tell what programs and trying to access stuff. Dumb/normal users are just going to say yes without realizing that some program they opened is stealing their data or accessing stuff it shouldn't.

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