MadCatz Xbox 360 HDMI Conversion kit now officially available

No, it won't get you "true" HDMI, but older 360 owners looking to get rid of those clunky component cables might want to take note: that MadCatz HDMI Conversion Kit is now official. The $90 adapter comes with cables and supports HDMI 1.3, 1080p, Dolby Digital and DTS -- but there's no telling what the VGA-to-HDMI signal conversion will do to your image quality, so you're probably better off doing the eBay shuffle and getting a new 360 with HDMI built-in.

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Leathersoup3754d ago

1. Cables end up behind the tv not in front so if they're clunky it's not a big deal.
2. Obviously your image will never look as good as HDMI. As a matter of fact, it's not going to look any better than it does using your 'clunky' component cables.
3. If I was seriously bothered by my clunky cables and visuals I'm currently getting, I'd go out and buy a new "Arcade" 360 and use the "functional" HDMI port on the back with my old hdd.

Nipplestiltskin3754d ago

Get it together Microsoft! Their is NO excuse for their constant desire to improve their system (add-on HD-DVD, cameras, etc.), and yet drop the ball so totally. Agreed, component cables aren't clunky. The fact of the matter is that technology does a specific job, and while whiners want things simple and easy, getting the best has never been an easy job. Stop yr. bit--ing, and realize that MS has dropped the ball, and not the designers of the technology.

Silellak3754d ago

$90 for this and it's not even true HDMI?!

Wow. No thanks.

redwingsrock3754d ago

"so you're probably better off doing the eBay shuffle and getting a new 360 with HDMI built-in."

I would never buy a 360 off eBay you have no idea what that console has been through, it could red ring right out of the box.

Silellak3754d ago

Just like getting it retail!


//I'm mostly kidding

Bnet3433754d ago

I have an Xbox 360 and that was funny. Ahhh ZING! :)

Silellak3754d ago

I have an XBox 360 also! That's why it's funny.

Gotta laugh away the pain...

ReBurn3753d ago

Anyone who has suffered RROD can definitely find humor in that.

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Reggie Fils- Aime3754d ago

NO-ONE cares about ANY advances on the Xbreak 3payforeverything

the Wii is the future