Gamedaily: Maximize Your PSPotential - Top 10 things your PSP can do

Gamedaily writes: The PSP: More Than Meets the Eye

The PSP might still be the handheld gaming underdog, but it's still a mean piece of hardware. Much like the PlayStation 3, the portable device was designed to be much more than a humble gaming system. You can attach a camera, use it as a phone, a GPS -- some have turned it into a remote control for robots. We give you the lowdown on the 10 coolest things you can do with your PSP (besides gaming, of course).

10. Listen to the Radio
9. Win Games ... By Cheating
8. Instant Messaging
7. Take Your Media To Go
6. Play PSone Games
5. Play Old-School Games
4. Go Adventuring
3. Phone Home
2. Play Indie Games
1. Get Creative

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Cyrus3653783d ago

PSP is so versitale, can play mp3, message people, talk on it, watch movies, has wifi (That only 6th gen ipod and such are getting now), if they could lanuch a download service to download music on it like ipod, it could be killer.