Sony In-game XMB Cache page

For those of you who does believe the story that sony had In game XMB information in their website this is the proof. This is google cache snapshot before sony took the information down. GDC is right around the corner, In game XMB might be just around the corner.

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Asurastrike3751d ago

This is really rather idiotic. It also lists Home on that page. Didn't we already know Home and ingame messaging were coming together?

Kishin3751d ago

yah but... it clearly states while IN A GAME you can chat etc... with friend...

Lifendz3751d ago

I could really use this. When me and my friends are trying to get a party together, it takes a good while because while one of us is waiting for the others to finish their games, that person will usually get a quick game going and then the others are waiting for him and so on and so on. If we could send in-game messages like "game almost done. be like five minutes before I'm finished" that'd be great. Still need to be able to add friends in-game.

Exhaust3751d ago

Is this rocket science or something?

Everytime I go to play a game online with friends (COD4 and Burnout) its a pain in the arse. We basically have to call each other on cell phones if the other friend is playing something else.

This is one of the things majorly holding the PS3 back. If they could get this going and Home be the revolutionary experience they're hyping then I'll agree with the Sony fans that 2008 is their year.

heyheyhey3751d ago

it may not be rocket science, but there are a few difficulties

what Sony are doing right know is reducing the RAM consumption of the XMB so that in-game XMB doesn't take up even more space and reduce developers freedom with their games

this takes time because it's hard to optimize a program without reducing any of the features or the capabilities- they have to nit-pick all the things that aren't needed

it should come soon though, im British- so im very much used to waiting

Cicinho3751d ago

Did you not know you could send messages in game in burnout? You cant do it while online but it takes only 2 seconds to leave online send a message and enter back online without having to quit the game.

joydestroy3751d ago

someone's rather excited, haha.

Chapulin3751d ago

Whispering words of wisdom.

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The story is too old to be commented.