Capcom reports positive financial results

Capcom has reported encouraging half-year financial results, which include an increased net profit of 55% - around £354million GBP.

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abzdine1866d ago

Very sad to know. They killed Resident Evil they dont deserve to have positive results.

Treian1866d ago

shipped does not equal sold

princejb1341866d ago

if it shipped out their warehouse into retailers that means they sold it
what happens in the retails has nothing to do with them

OooHJohnny1866d ago

We're talking about financial results.

Blankman851866d ago

Yeah cause they donated the games to retailers for free right?

Neckbear1866d ago

But they made Dragon's Dogma, one of the best games this year. I think they do.

Treian1866d ago

shipped is different than sold. silly capcom. don't get cocky.

beerkeg1866d ago

What's the difference? Don't they get paid regardless?

moegooner881866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Capcom gets paid for shipped units, so of course they will report sales as shipped, all publishers do.

amaguli1866d ago

Silly blahblah346, don't you know that shipped is more important to the publisher? Do you know what that is? It is because the publisher makes all of their money on copies shipped. The only time they make money on copies sold is if you buy directly from the publisher.

Megaton1866d ago

Really rustles my jimmies when the most financially successful companies are those that put out the worst and most generic games.

Kyosuke_Sanada1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

I look at it like this. As long as other companies such as as NIS America, Platinum Games and Atlus make profit as well to stay in the game, it supports me not giving a damn about greedy companies.

doogiebear1866d ago

Love those companies. Always putting quality first. Also, Arksystems and SNK are greart, hardcore developers I would add to the list too :). I can't wait for Atlus's Persona 5!

Lord_Sloth1866d ago

Says the man with a Bioware based Avatar and a Bethesda based username.

Megaton1866d ago

No shame in Bethesda's Fallout games. I hope BioWare goes bankrupt.

ForNgoods1866d ago

its easy to turn a profit when you slice out 1/3 of game that's on the disc and resell it as dlc *cough* sfxt *cough*

caseh1866d ago

It's all those £0.79 DLC outfits that are making them money. :) That and the old SF4 > SSF4 > SSF4AE revisions that appear on all of their main franchises.

ShaunCameron1866d ago

And quiet as kept, Capcom had a good year.

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