Are AMD and NVIDIA destined for a blessed union?

Some Wall Street analysts can make a lot of sense, even when their ideas come from deep in left field.
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Doug Freedman, a technology analyst with American Technology Research, sent out a client note today where he posited that NVIDIA might buy AMD. It's not as crazy as it sounds.

Some observers, Freedman included, think that NVIDIA chief Jen-Hsun Huang would make a great CEO for AMD. Hector Ruiz and his merry men have lost a lot of Street cred over the past couple of years through a series of product delays and financial shenanigans, overpromises, and underdelivery.

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skagrerrrr3684d ago

I see EA buying AMD/ATi & Nvidia

Bonsai12143684d ago

won't be approved by w/e government agency. they would have a monopoly on graphics cards.

if anything, i see nvidia getting bought or partnering with intel.

ShinFuYux3684d ago

Funny how companies are buying other companies these days.

This is small steps for a big bright future. With no competition.

microsoft offers sony 350billion dollars to buy the company.

LinuxGuru3684d ago

*rubs eyes*

Am I really reading this?

I can't see this happening...there'd be no competition anymore in the graphics card market.

That's not capitalism now, is it?!

blu3print3684d ago

Isn't Intel about to start producing graphics cards too, so it'll be Nvidia/AMD/ATi vs Intel cpu & gpu